Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Islamic world precedes the Anti Christ?

Thirty seven years ago while attending an Assembly of God church in Portland, Oregon I met a couple who were yet to be married. In fact, she was dating someone else. I knew both of them loosely from a mutual friend. Actually, I barely knew them at all. Our mutual friend was the catalyst that caused us to cross paths. About 7 years ago we all were reacquainted oddly enough through our mutual friend. In other words, I have known these three people since coming to the Pacific Northwest in 1977.
Dan and Brenda Cathcart eventually married, raised two kids; they are my friends 37 years later. What all three of us have experienced as a result of being Christian most of our adult lives is uncanny or God ordained[?] Even more amazing is our mutual friend, Mr Leonard Pearson who introduced all of us is also experiencing a trans-formative understanding of the Biblical narrative.

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Dan and Brenda will be my guest in studio at Salem Communications this weekend or July 6th, 2014. We are going to attempt to place into 50 minutes 37 years which now has us seeing Biblical revelation unfolding that is...breathtaking
In order for you to better understand watch the following. Hope after viewing the following teaching you will join us  this coming Sunday. Don't forget to check out Dan and Brenda's website Especially the books that they have written together

 NEW - Babylon of Prophecy video series
Who is the Babylon of prophecy?  Who is the Babylon mentioned 261 times in the King James Bible?  Who is the Babylon of Revelation 18 that we are called to come out of? Brenda and I dig deep into scripture and world history in order to unravel this mystery. The answers might surprise you!  Be prepared to toss out your pre-conceived notions and join us on a journey to find out what the Bible really says about "Mystery Babylon!"                
Part 1-3

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