Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank you God for Christianity, but!

We taught ourselves to be RIPPED OFF!

In the Christian reality everything must be established via the Bible, scriptures etc, etc. In 2007 I had an encounter with the LORD who said, "Go find out why I was Jewish" What has happened since that moment in my life has changed everything. Learning about P.A.R.D.E.S, Torah, the Festivals, the New Moon/God's calendar, Ancient Near East Covenant Treaties, Chiastic structures, themes, patterns, story lines that repeat in different millenniums, the Zodiac (Bible written in the stars) Numbers, terms, antisemitic revisionism in Biblical translations Talmudic writings (both Babylonian & Jerusalem) learning from Rebbes (both new and long deceased or of Blessed Memory) Visiting synagogues, getting to know Jewish believers, why they don't believe in Jesus, learning about pogroms committed by the churches for centuries. Learning Hebrew, the Aleph/Tav, how each letter is also a word, number, picture and they all mean something but tell a story about the entire Bible, and Paleo Picture language ....Sitting in a Sunday church listening to teachings that do not share all of this is simply not possible. In fact it is almost unbearable. 

To fully understand the Bible without reading one word of Scripture all you have to do is learn the history of Israel...Really! Shalom!

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