Sunday, July 20, 2014

Seattle Rally in Support of Israel 07-20-2014

None of us want to see people killed, nor do we want to see missiles lobbed into any nation, WE want peace! Some of us know that peace, true peace will only happen when Messiah comes. In the mean time God, YHVH raised up the nation of Israel in order to receive her King. Many of us the world over get this and so we support what God, YHVH is doing. WE SUPPORT Israel. Please, if you get this support StandwithusNorthwest. They put this rally together in short order
(Big Thank You to Seattle Police for helping us keep Peace........:)

The Rally was at 1:30 so as soon as I completed my live broadcast Mr. Nathan Grapes and I hopped into my car and drove to Occidental Park Not too far from Seattle Communications Broadcast center Where I broadcast LIVE ever Sunday Un-Coloring Race on

El Shaddai Ministries was everywhere and throughout the crowd! Gotta Love our congregation!
Rob Jacobs 
We Stand for the God of Creation who reveals to all of us who he is via...ISRAEL
Curtis bringing the sound of the Shofar

Great Crowd, dwarfed protestors!!!!! Thank You Seattle!

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