Monday, July 14, 2014

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While giving a talk at El Shaddai Ministries last Saturday (July 12th) Bill Koenig, [pronounced kay-nig] stated that (paraphrasing) The current escalation of chaos occurring throughout the Middle East and throughout the world is not going to slow down or end. He believes, as do I that our world is on the brink of absolute chaos!

I made the statement many times over that I believe the United States of America threw herself over a cliff with the election of Barack Obama as president (twice) and that we have been falling ever since. The bottom is fast approaching. So, imagine if you will and entire country accelerating while descending for nearly seven years. Imagine for a moment what that crash will look like. In other words changing course is not possible.

I have written too, that I cried three times becoming very emotional while watching America, Imagine the world without her. My tears, the emotion welling up from deep within everything that I understand about our country knowing our nation is plummeting. A very, very painful reality check. You see, I understand the Bible, I clearly see what is taking place. The question then becomes, "What should I be doing?"

I am watching video after video of children, young boys, men being killed. I watched a video the other day of several younger men, boys really, being buried alive. They boys/men were barely able to move due to possible beatings while others shoveled dirt/sand on to them. One young man raised his hand while the dirt was being shoveled into this soon to be grave. Another covered his eyes. My entire spirit has been groaning ever since seeing this video.

I look around at the youth of America who are in large part oblivious to what is happening. My reaction is certainly not to shove this horrific video into a child's face but rather to share with our kids why these things are happening. The MTV generation is mindless, far removed from the epic, indeed, Biblical prophetic realities moving across the human landscape.

Is it better for our young people to not know about the "Real World?" I don't think so, I think we do a disservice  to our children to not give them an opportunity to understand truth to be exposed to truth. Our kids are lied to daily. Most live their lives based on lies, deception and a sort of detached world view.

CFYA or Conferences For Young Adults hopes to counter a lot of this deception. We need your help to get these conferences off the ground. We need your money, your ideas, your time, and your involvement.

It is my prayer that if enough of us do one thing but do that one thing well, very well then perhaps others will see the value and perhaps upset the momentum of a nation being driving into the history books... Our youth have to understand Hope.......

We have a couple of projects on the drawing board please read our letter Click Here
I believe the Creator of our nation still would say.....
Isaiah 30:18 Therefore Yahweh will wait, that he may be gracious to you; and therefore he will be exalted, that he may have mercy on you, for Yahweh is a God of justice. Blessed are all those who wait for him.

We need $5000.00 immediately. We desire others to do what we are doing somewhere else and for the same reason across the fruited plains...Our young people deserve to see us STAND.

God of the Bible is capable of stopping our descent.

Contact Nathan Grapes of Grapes2press LLC 
Jeff Morton of AJKM Productions for details

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