Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Stand and Applaud This woman and DAN CATHCART

Dan Cathcart wrote the following: after responding to what I posted on Facebook:

Dan & Brenda Cathcart
That really describes the crux of the problem Jeff. People in general and for the most part "religious" people in particular do not know how to think critically about the scripture and what they have been told about the scriptures their whole life! Somehow, to them the Bible is in a "special class" and therefore is not to be studied in the same manner as one would study any other subject. The scriptures have been twisted around every which way for centuries to support just about any theological construct out there. This has been done for so long now that people (and this includes pastors and higher ranking church leaders) just take this non-sense as truth without question. It is more sad than anything else because it is not done with knowledge and malice, but out of ignorance and a lack of real scriptural education. I want to teach people HOW to think critically about the scriptures, not WHAT to think about the scriptures.

Here is what I posted:
Two people quoted 2 timothy 3:16 to me in the last two days...Today I said to this dude...(he was a black man.)

What scriptures is Paul talking about seeing as how HE WAS NOT WRITING SCRIPTURES but rather writing about them? The dude said to me that he was a "New Testament Christian" I said, when Paul wrote this their was no New Testament Bible. This guy thought about it for a moment and then said to me...[No kidding], "Well I'll be Goddamn I have never even thought about that before." So, I started telling him about replacement theology...and so it goes!

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