Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Many Churches March in Support of Israel

I am constantly being encouraged to be more inviting, more accommodating, less abrasive when doing what I do. Be kind, gentle, loving, you will attract more followers, more people will get behind your message.

Okay please hear me loud and clear! I am not looking for followers or people who will get it and join my fan base, Excuse me! I am sounding an alarm, have been for almost 8 years

Women, young girls are being abducted, raped and killed. Children are beheaded daily, butchered, blown up! Nations are being overrun with vicious monsters who are killing everything, men women, children, animals, EVERYTHING!

Israel is being eviscerated by hateful, demonic media pigs who could careless about truth! America has a bunch of socialists, communists, Godless, soul-less people working like machinery in our government and in conjunction with Powers and Principalities to collapse our nation. One day last week watching a bunch of very young boys buried alive (on a video sent to me) was almost more than my brain could take!

How many churches have grouped together, purchased permits to peaceably protest all of this lunacy? I would really, really like to know of any.

So, in the face of it all people, some of us are in this battle, fighting this fight and sometimes we get vocally upset because of those of you who point fingers from the comfort of your pew! Instead of finger pointing get involved, wake up, make a difference!

A bit of advice: Don't tell me how to express myself and why. My response won't be a pleasant one!

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