Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here is the address....

Thank you so much for those who are wanting to help us get CFYA off the ground.

Grapes2press LLC is the mailing address for you to send your "Non Tax Deductible" contribution.
Please make check out to AJKM Productions

AJKM Productions (my company) is a start up company for this purpose along with the following

Nathan Grapes and I are working to do several things in support of "Conferences For Young Adults"

My radio program, online activities, book sales, and productions of the conferences all fall under AJKM ProductionsAJKM Productions is looking to produce quality information. A website is currently under construction along with additional printed material. This is a new business concept for me so...I am learning as I move forward. My wife and I are paying for all of this as we are able...That's how it works and that's how America works..."Fight Back" with nothing if that's what it takes.

Thanks for your support.

Currently, Nathan Grapes along with his brother, James and several others have been without exception a great encouragement to me...........

This is a business not a non profit...I am asking businesses to spend money teaching free market innovation to our kids and how America led the world with this concept.....

"If we don't teach facts the opposition will teach lies!"

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