Wednesday, July 2, 2014

God said "Be fruitful and Multiply" (not sit and be idle)

The purpose of doing my radio broadcast

I do not have a ton of money or I would be doing a ton of things to help people who need money. When people ask me for money I do what I can to support that request. I need money to do everything that I do most of which comes out of my wife's purse or my wallet. I have four adult children who are all still in there twenties. They are priority number one for my wife and myself always.
I was offered a show on Salem Communications. The cost of which is 150.00 per show. (I ask sponsors to contribute 200.00 as of July 1st this allows me to do more things to produce our program) Everyone of the shows so far has been paid for by someone else. These are sponsors or average people who contribute to this effort. I would love to take the broadcast to two hours, one hour is just too short. Funding has to occur for that to happen. I do things according to what or who YHVH places into our path. If he says I can go to two hours then he will provide those to support that.

Having said the above:
I see the world being prepared for the Kingdom of God. I see a rebellion to this occurrence unparalleled. Several years ago God showed to me something so amazing that my entire world changed. How I see the world changed. How I understand Israel changed. For me it is very, very simple. God is bringing who he is to this earth in full revelation. His nation, his people, his land is where this will all occur. Fallen men, along with powers and principalities would rather destroy all life everywhere in order to stop this from happening. Therefore great, great tribulation is beginning. God is beginning to judge this rebellion and the nations who foster death and destruction. The nations that move against Israel will be obliterated. Utterly destroyed unlike anything in human history.

God is calling the faithful to stand. Israel is being restored and fighting the world system that hates her. Israel is doing so because of the covenant made with Abraham. With this in mind, I do what I do for three reasons. The often bandied about scripture verse Genesis 12:3 that so many people quote  has very little staying power because those who quote it in many cases (not all) don't do anything else nor do they fully understand this singular statement made to Abraham. Hence, antisemitism is increasing like rain water from hurricanes.

1. God is restoring a Kingdom not a race
2. God is calling those who belong to him to STAND up for his Kingdom
3. God is returning us to his values, his ways, his laws before Lawlessness consumes mankind.
  • So I am speaking against Satan's racial agenda
  • Biblical Apathy 
  • And not being engaged in what God is doing....
If you don't want live according to Hell and iniquity quit waiting for some one else to do what you need to do. The church in America is voiceless because many in the churches are living according to what has been taught not what God has required.

Get involved: "Fight Back, Vote back" Quit waiting for a rapture event knowing that God is coming here! What you do HERE,  matters now!

If the majority of "Biblical Believers" stood for righteousness most of why I am writing this would not be necessary. Most do nothing else this is why we are surrounded by unrighteousness
I do my broadcast because for me doing nothing is not an option.
If you are not taking care of the poor, helping the widows, and representing the coming Messiah....What purpose do you serve in YHVH's coming Kingdom?

I salute those of you who are hearing and doing! My show hopes to introduce you to many of them. To encourage you to be one of them. Un-Broken by sin, Un-Ashamed because of God, and Un-Colored because you belong "Thy Kingdom Come"

You can help by introducing me to the fighters who might want to share there story on my broadcast
Financially supporting me or someone else out here fighting.
Getting involved with your local elections. Stop letting adversity govern your community.

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