Sunday, July 6, 2014


I was asked a question: 

"Has El Shaddai Ministries supported my Radio Program? Here is my answer.

I use to drive up to El Shaddai Ministries once a month from Vancouver, Washington just to learn. For two years I did this. This was a very difficult time in my personal life. Recognizing this, one of the founding members of El Shaddai Minitries (Norm B) gifted to my family $1000.00 twice. When God's learning Channel invited me to Texas to appear on their program El Shaddai Ministries paid for most of the expense. 

When I published "Un-Coloring Race" Black to Briesheet even though I had "Two House" influences in the book (which I no longer ascribe to) El Shaddai not only allowed me to have a book signing and promoted my book on Several Monday nights but they placed the book on their website for several months. 

When I went to Washington DC last year for CUFI (Christians United For Israel) they paid for everything. When I was invited back to GLC back in 2010 someone in our congregation paid for everything. When I remarried my beautiful wife Pastor Mark Biltz walked her down the isle to me. 

When I had cancer my congregation was there fore me every step of this process...I love the people at El Shaddai ....

I could list several more acts of generosity that has been gifted to me and my family.....I am a loyal friend and one who appreciates how God has blessed my whole entire life...El Shaddai Ministries is another level of those many, many blessings. THANK YOU Pastor Mark Biltz and El Shaddai Ministries for your support

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