Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza, THANK YOU!

For anyone to marginalize this film would be akin to declaring God a liar. To have a governing body castigate, shame and denounce those who proudly salute this film is precipitous of the very thing D'Souza warns against, the death of America. For those who proudly salute this film, of which I am one, we can never let that happen.
This film answered a question for me on a very, very personal level namely, God, why did you create America? I am one who studies, one who peels back the layers of history in order to see truth, So too, is Dinesh D'Souza. I teared up throughout this movie often times because of my children. I understood this movie to the very core of my being. My personal plea is that every one of my children go see this film. I cry out to my kids via this post: To Anthony, Julia, Kyle, and Myklen these words: If you want to better understand your father go see this film.

Everything that I believe, ever reason that I rise above skin color and liberal ideology is presented in this movie. Every reason I do what I do is demonstrated in this film. America truly is an idea brought forth to combat the lies woven throughout humanity. America is unique, Dinesh D'Souza removes the lies that we have inherited exposing the maniacal political leaders and their followers who are perverting and manipulating a nation's truth in order to crush freedom. This too, is a part of human history........

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