Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dennis Michael Lynch

I have never spoken with Dennis Michael Lynch. I do not know much about him and have only seen him a few times on FOX news. One thing I do understand about Dennis Michael Lynch is that I so, absolutely get what he is doing.....
Whenever I enter a home whereby the television is broadcasting NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and particularly PBS  and NPR news I immediately groan in my spirit because I know that a sort of media indoctrination is on going in this home. The bias perpetrated by the media is in my opinion demonic, worse is the amount of people who receive their information from these new outlets. I say this with the strongest of conviction. I struggle with FOX news as well but, not with the same vein, so to speak.

Just going through my bank account and have to wait a bit in order to make a purchase of Dennis Michael Lynch's work, documentary. I have reached out to him to come and share on my broadcast here in Seattle....This is an individual who get's it, who understands. I wish I could put him in front of America with a bull horn declaring all that he is doing. Realistically, this is what I do so,  this is how I can help...Please watch the following:
Those of you who know me, know that I am going to support the work of Dennis Michael Lynch
Here is where you can purchase the DVD and other resources

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