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Before You Read This: 
God spoke to me one day audibly while sitting in a church in Vancouver, Washington saying, "Go Find Out Why I Was Jewish!" 
Why would he do that?

Virtually every conversation in the Bible is directed to, talking with or concerning the restoration of ISRAEL. IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN and you do not understand this it is because YOU think the CHURCH is what God was talking about...
(Show to me in God's word all of the following concerning the church as we understand the church today)

Before the church, before Christianity, before the the antisemitic hatred that we are seeing plastered all over the television God said, through just about every prophet:

Zechariah 12:2
"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of reeling to all the surrounding peoples, and on Judah also will it be in the siege against Jerusalem.
Psalm 75:8
In the hand of the LORD is a cup full of foaming wine mixed with spices; he pours it out, and all the wicked of the earth drink it down to its very dregs.
Isaiah 51:22-23 
This is what your Sovereign LORD says, your God, who defends his people: "See, I have taken out of your hand the cup that made you stagger; from that cup, the goblet of my wrath, you will never drink again. I will put it into the hands of your tormentors, who said to you, 'Fall prostrate that we may walk on you.' And you made your back like the ground, like a street to be walked on."

God said the he would restore Israel in a day
Exodus 6:6 Therefore tell the children of Israel, 'I am Yahweh, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm, and with great judgments:
Jeremiah 30:31 For, behold, the days come, says Yahweh, that I will turn again the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, says Yahweh; and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall possess it.
Jeremiah 31:31 Behold, the days come, says Yahweh, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:
Jeremiah 32:20-21 who performed signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even to this day, both in Israel and among [other] men; and made yourself a name, as in this day;
and brought forth your people Israel out of the land of Egypt with signs, and with wonders, and with a strong hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with great terror;
Ezekiel 37:16
And thou, son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions:

Ten Prophecies concerning the following CLICK HERE
The God of Israel has NEVER lied to Israel

Amos 9:11
In that day I will restore the fallen booth of David: I will repair its gaps, restore its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old'
(Luke quotes Amos not because he became a Christian but because he new the Scriptures, the Hebrew Scriptures)
Acts 15:16 After these things I will return, And I will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen; And I will build again the ruins thereof, And I will set it up:

The entire Biblical narrative is about ISRAEL and why God created this nation in order for the nations to know him and to be one day FREE from Sin. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Paul, all of the disciples were Hebrew for this reason.

Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you. All of the families of the earth will be blessed in you."
Genesis 26:4 I will multiply your seed as the stars of the sky, and will give to your seed all these lands. In your seed will all the nations of the earth be blessed.

I read an article by some idiot, jackass who said the Hebrew Roots movement is about people becoming Jewish! No you idiot it is about people returning to God's ways. Not following Christianity darkly! We need to stand with Israel not continue doing a sort of macabre checklist about what they did not do or have yet to do? Your wisdom lies in watching what GOD is doing

Israel is born in a day, Israel is fighting for the land, Israel will receive her KING
And this is what Israel must endure. My prayer is that YOU, believer in God's word STAND with what HE is doing and not your doctrine, interpreted to not know HIS people!

I am watching God do what he said he would do concerning Israel, I am watching God set up judgements against the nations and the religious systems that HATE what he is doing!

A giant like Goliath is telling Israel that we want Judea & Samaria. The Giant today, in our millennium is Islam, God is going o cut the head off of this giant just like King David did.  
What are YOU doing to support God? Are you sitting on the fence still? The vehicle by which God is revealing what he is doing in this earth is Israel. Now you know why he IS returning to ISRAEL.....

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