Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why are all of those Communist, Socialists, Marxists, and Muslim Brotherhood folks infiltrating America?

My guest this weekend on Freedom 1590 is Trevor Loudon who is going to help us understand exactly how, "CHANGE HAS COME TO AMERICA"

A book review which I think says it all:
Trevor Loudon has been alerting Americans about this man as soon as he decided to run for President. Mr. Loudon is a Patriot and he does not even live in this country!! There are very few HONEST journalists in this country. The majority of them ignored the truth of this man because they were also on the "left". They did not do their job, and now we are living the consequences. This author has an excellent website and I am very happy to pay extra for his work. I stumbled over his website early into my research of Obama. I have donated to his site several times, but I always felt I was not paying him enough for all the knowledge I acquired of the "President". This book will open your eyes and everything you have witnessed this "president" doing and saying the past three years will make sense. We must take this information and get it to as many people as possible before they vote for this man again, then he becomes pres & he can finish what he started-which will not be something America can survive. This author deserves so much credit & so much more $, this is a MUST READ BEFORE AMERICA IS GONE FOR OUR CHILDREN.

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The Communists are running just about everything in America...that's the change he was talking about?

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