Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who Would You Add To This List?

Please vote accordingly Mr. Trevor Loudon makes a few suggestions. I think what he is suggesting is BRILLIANT!

If we don't "FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK" Godly wisdom into our Republic the United States will become a memory! Yesterday I heard Michael Medved, while speaking with David Boze say,
(Paraphrasing) You cannot get elected using Biblical Law. Mr Medved, who I will see later on today reinforced why I struggle with his understanding of our Creator and his moderate positions. Unlike Mr. Medved, everything that I do is to call a nation back to God....No matter how unlikely it may seem the time for us to Return, Teshuva, in my opinion is about 236 years over due!

Who would you add to this list?
Ted Cruz....President

Vice President of the United States
Allen West

Vice President of the United States
Allen West

Department of State
John Boulton

Department of the Treasury
Rand Paul

Department of Justice
Attorney General 

Mark Levine

Department of Commerce Michele Bachmann

Department of Energy Sarah Palin

Department of Education
David Barton

Department of Health & Human Services Ben Carson 

Department of Defense?
Department of the Interior?
Department of Agriculture?
Department of Labor?
Department of Housing and Urban Development?  
Department of Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs?
Department of Homeland Security?

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