Monday, June 30, 2014

While Watching the B.E.T. Awards Show

I watched part of the B.E.T. Awards Presentation last evening. I watched a tribute to Ruby Dee and Maya Angelou, two of the most precious, most revered women of my life time. I have read Maya Angelou's work all of my life. Both women personify the heart of God in the earth in my opinion. I watched Myrlie Evers-Williams speak with elegance concerning the last 50 years of her life and the struggle fought by so many. Fifty year later much has changed. I certainly understood, admire and salute the endurance of these three black women who give to many the integrity of being one of God's kids.

Personally, I occupy a place in human history whereby the color of one's skin is not a defining calculus in walking with God. Genesis 26:4-5 [spoke of why Abraham was chosen.] Subsequently, I will continue to remind those willing to hear: YHVH is not raising up a race of people but rather a Kingdom of people!

Myrlie Evers-Williams
Understanding how Yahweh sees a matter is tantamount, especially in our generation. As I watched the program none of the revelatory, Biblical occurrences happening the world over were represented. Where is the God of Israel, the Elohim of the nations, I thought? It is by his hand that battles are won, victories are established. I saw the never ending "Black & Proud, we shall overcome stance of the last 50 years saluted. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands are being slaughtered around the globe. Women and children are beheaded daily, raped daily, discarded as if garbage.

The celebration of being an African American, in America while Africans are being blown to bits is not apart of the dialog or the conversation. Those Jews who walked with Martin Luther King in both the 50's, 60's are not mentioned. Israel is facing nations committing war crimes against her daily, this fact not even a consideration, a blurb or thought.

Skin color and the achievement of moving from white slavery to black on black crime, abortions, fatherless families, gangs and hand outs as opposed to hands up in prayer are muddled due to the success of this person or that person.

I watched the program thinking how much comfort the devil has in this community. He too, enjoys the skin color identity. I watched the program thinking this is how the world commands it's doctrines, it's theologies. Nothing is set apart, holy or longing for redemption but rather the honor to coexist, now achieved.

I think what YHVH is doing today is calling people out of the world system. Thus, these celebrations are not why Abraham was chosen. I would be the first person running towards the battle of slavery were this the case today. I would be doing so because of the Kingdom of God not the color of my skin. May God continue to be a light in this darkness. Suffice it to say, we live in a time whereby keeping God's statutes, His Commandments, His Laws or Torah is the defining reality between those who enter and those who do not.

Genesis 26:4-5 
I will multiply your offspring as the stars of the sky, and will give all these lands to your offspring. In your offspring will all the nations of the earth be blessed,  because Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my requirements, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.”

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