Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WE Lost the Email Servers and screwed the American Public, Now Pay Up!

How does a servant of Hell sound? Here, let me show you
This woman needs to go to jail, now! 
 Why is the American Public allowing this insanity to continue?
Fight Back, Vote Back!

 Why are we talking about this when this communist, "I don't give a damn about your Constitution" is living free? Who put her in charge of the IRS in the first place?


The IRS is lying to the American Public. What on earth does it take in order 

for the American Public to FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK  our country from these liars?

Tervor Loudin is my guest this weekend on Freedom 1590 AM Radio. We are going to talk about his book "Barack Obama And The Enemies Within.

The citizens of the United States of America are allowing our country to be dismantled by Barack Obama and all of the Islamist and Communist influences that surround him. Almost everyone that is his inner circle are socialists.......See you at noon Sunday (Pacific) CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, the "Transparency" of the Barack Obama Presidency is about as honest a thing to witness as is the very socialist Media now broadcasting with impunity throughout America. The Gestapo of Hitlers Germany, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the old news service under the former (Reconstituted Soviet Union) Pravda.....Hows that working for ya?

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