Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This takes People who are activated by YHVH to GIVE!

The Launching of "Shuvu" שובו : "Be Restored!"

Ahavat Ammi,
Campaign Owner

Total so far $28,688

Days Left: 43
Goal: $54,000

From Ahavat

This Campaign will be used to build out our studio for Outreach and Restoration center , you can see more at

More Info

Welcome to Yeshivat Shuvu
The word שוב (Shuv), means “to be restored,” the theme of restoration captures the heart of Shuvu Yeshiva.
We firmly believe that we are in the season of the “ingathering” and as Messiah will return in the Festival of the Ingathering (Sukkot see Revelation 7), our primary objective today is to see three groups restored:
• Those within Normative Judaism: back to the true Messiah Yeshua of Nazareth
• Those within Messianic Judaism: back to Authentic Messianic Jewish Theology that is fueled by the power of G-D
• Those from The Nations: back to their Hebrew roots and fuller understanding of the covenants of G-D.
We firmly believe that your gift will help us to build this world class discipleship and restoration station while touching the body of Messiah globally.

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