Friday, June 6, 2014

The Vassal Kingdom under Barack Obama is Stupid or Evil, Yes!

The answer that I received was...HE IS A JUDGMENT IF THIS NATION WILL NOT KEEP MY LAWS THEN THEY CAN KEEP THE LAWS OF BARACK OBAMA and...he will do all that is set before him to accomplish!

Well, I knew that the judgment concerning American was well under way....

God wants us to return to him...We are rejecting him not like others before us but like Sodom and Gomorrah specific! 

Great Suzerain, the Elohim of Israel please show mercy on those whom you love

You don't know what you don't know....
Ancient terminology for legal covenant laws or...if you stood before a Judge 3000 years ago he would be speaking the following words to you in court

FATHER –vassals call their suzerain (King)
SON –The King calls his vassals
ADOPTION –when a vassal king submits to the suzerain then the vassal kings people become adopted by the Suzerain
BROTHER –Term in Parity covenants
LOVE (Oheb)– Term of loyalty to the Suzerain
KNOW (Yada)- Term used by the King who sees the faithfulness of the vassal
FRIEND- Faithful, loyalty to the Suzerain

Barack Obama is the leader of a GREAT kingdom that has 50 smaller (vassal) Kingdoms that are rejecting the GREAT Suzerain or The Creator of all Kingdoms...Not a smart thing to do. In fact it is quite Evil.  But you all ain't heard nothing bout this in your churches huh? So when you reconnect what God set up  to how things are done today you see that God did not change. Therefore, breaking covenant with the GREAT King is Stupid or Evil.......God usually allowed an invading army to desimate a vassal Kingdom that threw him under the bus! To him America is a vassal Kingdom...uh oh...our King in America is leading those who voted for him away from the Great King.....get ready to duck!

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