Sunday, June 8, 2014


It only takes one voice to speak up!
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Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt. The Godless are running just about everything and far too many believers in the Bible are either scared to death, too busy, or just not involved in standing for God. The condition of America when it comes to Biblical authority, Biblical truth, and Biblical prophecy is stunning! Our nation is full of every active description of rebellion to the Laws of a Holy God. We are prime for a Sodom and Gomorrah event. This is where our sense of fear should be focused on, the fear of a Holy God

This blogger, with all of my imperfections, Biblical failures, and personal difficulties believes that God, Yahweh, The El of Israel is our nations only hope. I think that we have slipped past a turning point and are now running towards an anti nation as opposed to a Godly nation.
The President of the United States of America an elected office is arming the enemy from the moment he spoke in Egypt in support of the Muslim Brotherhood right on through to the releases of the best of the best who hate the God of Israel, the God of America!

With this in mind the question becomes who will "Fight Back, Vote Back" God into the discussion? Regardless of whether or not America collapses, who will stand for Biblical Integrity while we have an opportunity to do so in the United States of America?

I continue to hear accounts of the Christian voice in America being silenced. The attacks on Christmas, Easter, School Prayer and the Body of the church are relentless. At the same time millions of people are leaving the churches seeking Torah, God's Holy Festivals, retuning to God's calendar and standing with Israel. (I am one of those people.) What I am learning and realizing is that 98% of the Bible is not taught to Christians. Most Christians do not understand this statement but it is true.
I believe that God is the reason Christianity is under attack. I really believe that God is asking millions of believers to return to the Scriptures and to leave the religions.

My show on AM Talk Radio is going to bring a lot of information that is not taught in the churches. This is one of the many ways that I am standing for Biblical truth. I will be interviewing people who are bringing revelatory information to a nation in trouble.

During the Mid Term Elections I am asking the voter to vote for candidates who live, who breath God's truth according to his Laws. I am also asking those who see the hand of God preparing to judge our nation, to correct our nation, or to allow our nations destruction, don't sit out, "Fight Back, Vote Back" God into the Mid-Terms elections.

We cannot allow another election to go forward without our participation......

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