Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mark Hitchcock & Mark Biltz Blood Moon Debate

Jan Markell held a debate of sorts with these two pastors Click Here
Pastor Mark Biltz

Pastor Mark Hitchcock

  • Middle East is currently in Tribulation
  • Israel is completely surrounded
  • The Church is muted
  • The Catholic Church is in bed with Islam
  • The World economies are on the brink of collapse
  • Nations are rallying to divide Israel
  • Wars & Rumors of Wars
  • Men are marrying Men
  • Women are marrying Women
  • Child Sacrifice is legal
  • Greed, Murder, Lovers of self (societal norms)
    Mark Biltz
    Mark Hitchcock
    Jan Markell

    My personal comment: 
    The Church, for the last 1500 years or more is governed by a replacement doctrine meaning: The church is what God raised up for the Gentile followers of Christ. Dispensationalism, the rapture, and church age theology are all relative to this understanding [which is not based on what God is doing with Israel but rather Christianity.] Millions of people therefore are not in the know about what God is doing with Israel specifically for the nations. Hence a lack of Biblical clarity concerning the Festivals of God, His Calendar, His Language or Hebrew, His people and the Kingdom of Israel being restored.....No where in the scriptures does God say, "I am restoring the church."
    For example, when I ask Christian believers to name the greatest event in Christianity almost exclusively do I hear..."The resurrection of Jesus" This event did not happen within Christianity but rather, Israel. So too did the Bible, Jesus himself, all of the disciples and the entire biblical history-And.... Jesus or Yeshua is returning to....Israel. Perhaps reconnecting to the nation that we are all grafted into is an imperative for such a time as this?

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