Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keeping YOUNG minds Free

 "The Mind is a terrible thing to waste." Well, I would add too, 

"The Spirit of YHVH is a terrible thing to throw under the bus"

Communism, Marxism and and Islamic realities have to do this in order to control. Christianity and Catholicism have both played a role in doing the same thing....Holiness, Righteousness cannot participate in fallen mankind's religious and social systems. 


Micah 4:2  Many nations will go and say, "Come, and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths." For out of Zion will go forth the law, and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem;

Young People pay attention: Within Christianity the devil is often the end all, be all problem plaguing the world. [an invisible spirit that is the busiest being in CREATION....?] Well many people today who lack Biblical truth (Tares) could care less about the devil..They care more about Socialism, Communism, and the myth of bigger government. In fact, most believe in just about everything or anything as long as it does not have a Biblical connotation or inference. Hence, Antisemitism, Racism and Apathy are off the chart. Our young people are being trained up to love adversity to God....The, "Anything Goes Generation" is reaching adulthood....Because this sort of "Societal Manipulation is now core to what young minds experience, CHAOS is what these young adults are adjusting to, learning to live in, surviving in a sort of numbness to life mode. Communism, the Progressive Movement, Socialism & Marxism gain a foot hold via social engineering which has to crush Freedom in order to bring about Utopia. Utopia is the lie of hell. Holiness is the truth of God. Where on earth is Utopia, based on the wisdom of people like Barack Obama...throughout World History?

Radical Islam is doing the same thing however it, by passes the Kum-baya, multiculturalism, tolerate everyone, nonsense that is the undercurrent that many of the people now running the government of the Unites States employ. Radical Islam cuts off your head, takes over your country and forces you to serve the devil.....Communism on Steroids! Then again is this not what the Soviet Union and Communist China have done as well. Why has America not already been changed into a Communist State? The answer, "FREEDOM and the US Constitution" 

Israel is being threatened, surrounded by people who want absolute control and the USA is being subverted from within by people who want absolute control. The devil wants absolute control of all Chaos...[hmmmmm, makes no sense to me either]

My guest today is going to show the listener how the core of the United States of America is being dismantled. Far too many young people are either uninvolved, socially engineered, or just plan old disenfranchised with a bleak future. Many too, were born in a generation that kills children and so psychologically the value of life has been compromised....Well, The 60's fomented a sort of permanent idiocy in how we live as a nation. The church is too muted or self absorbed to "FIGHT BACK, and Vote Back" God into our nation. Our children run from church life. A watered down message that ignores God's statutes, commandments, and Laws greets Sunday parishioners who in turn go home to broken families, broken lives and ripped off futures. The communist movements with in the United States of America see our children as ripe for the taking and so our colleges are promoting antisemitism, hate and rebellion......
My guest today on "Un-Coloring Race is going to address these issues...Hope you will join the live streaming program from noon to 1:00 PACIFIC (3:00 pm on the East Coast) just click "Listen Live tab"

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