Sunday, June 29, 2014

Israel, The Only Nation On Earth refused Justice

I have written about Israel nearly eight years.

I would like to write today something that I have said before but will attempt to pour out of my spirit what words often cannot convey.

The "Land of Israel" belongs to YHVH. The descendants of Abraham were given this land to be caretakers, an inheritance as a direct result of covenant promise...[Pause, I am not going to quote scripture after scripture]

The miracle of our time is Israel, reborn with the people of Israel fighting for the land. The nations are not supporting Israel, the church is not fighting for anything, really, and societies around the globe are leaping over a cliff.

I see Israel as the culmination of the plan of YAHWEH in the earth or at the very least a pivotal point in the revelation of GOD! I see his ROYAL Kingdom being prepared. Not a church rapture but rather, hands and feet digging into the land in preparation of his arrival. I see the most incredible narrative coming to pass namely the Restoration of Israel, a light for all of the nations actually happening. I see the PLAN everywhere being fulfilled in my life time. Likewise, I see rebellion to what God is doing. In my life time rebellion is no longer spiritual but rather tangible. Life is being eviscerated as a result the blood of hundreds of thousands cries out of the land.

Everyday of my life I live within this miracle distracted only by the rebellion of mankind but, not thwarted. Simply put, what is occurring is a glorious thing to witness. Arguing via religion is just another aspect of the rebellion. Celebrating the strength of those living in the land, supporting them, honoring them is why I breath...I see the eternal becoming quite visible as well. I know the end to be actually the beginning.

Justice is coming to the Land of Israel. For some reason I have been given a ringside seat as well as an opportunity to STAND with what God is doing....My humility grows, so too, does my gratefulness. I am watching the judgement of America increase with every hour along with the nations. God wants to save all of us not destroy any of us...He wants to save us from ourselves.

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