Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to "Piss off" Al Sharpton!

My new show on AM Talk Radio Freedom 1590 Seattle is a new forum for me. I am clueless as to whether the show will be a success! The time slot is not popular, the broadcast reaches about 17,000 locally (with a possibility of 3 million I am told...quite a stretch huh?) The cost is such that I cannot pay this monthly) I need an assistant, new website and promotional stuff ......

Actually all I need is for the God of Israel to bless this effort and use it for his purposes.
Having said that....I do not live in the color of my skin but rather the promises of God.
  • I do not vote according to society but rather according to Biblical Principles or God's laws.
  • I see two things working in the earth. The things of God and the things not of God.

  • I think it is dreadful to search for life in the cosmos while ripping it out of women legally
  • I think that living based on the color of your skin is as dump an idea as is trying to to follow Ancient Hebrews through the Red Sea.
  • I think to allow Sharia Law into any society is the same as crowning satan to rule over you
  • I think to toss God's laws into the abyss is why satan is going to get tossed into the abyss.
  • I think to not vote for righteousness, justice, and biblical truth is the same as denying God
  • I think to not vote at all is to reject toilet paper and live accordingly!
  • I think to vote for Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama is the same as walking up to God and thinking it cool to attempt to back hand, smack him, dumb huh?
  • I think that marrying two men or two women legally is the same as killing Queen Esther 
  • (Hadassah) or ripping Mary's and Joseph's baby out of her stomach in order to stop life, all life from happening!
  • I think that allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to operate within the United States is just "Damned and Stupid"
  • I think to force Israel to give up the West Bank is the crown Jewel of Stupidity from the time of Adam until now!
I think to not raise up a child in the way that they should go is.....what happened and continues to happen in the United States of America.
I think to call me an Uncle Tom, Sellout, Jew Lover, or any other name places you in league with hell itself, an officer of that camp to be honest. To hate the things of God and love the things not of God is why America is falling

My broadcast on Freedom 1590 is going to speak about truth...not stupid! We are going to encourage like minded people to stand against those who love the Race Card, Political Inactivity and Biblical Apathy!

By the way Mr. Sharpton, I am not trying to piss you off...Nevertheless, YOU will never be invited to to appear on my program unless God himself materializes at the foot of my bed and says..."Invite Al Sharton onto your show"...May God bless you with his heart!

Freedom 1590 AM Talk Radio Seattle (live Internet broadcast) from noon to 1:00 Sundays pacific time

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