Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hebrew Roots, Torah based, Gospel Believing, Political Activist, Biblical Conservative, Black American, Former Business Owner, and Crack Head!

Now you know who I am! Tune into my show every Sunday from noon to 1:00 Pacific time on Freedom 1590 AM or live via the Internet

My book "Un-Coloring Race, Black to BreiSheet" is on Amazon and available at Barnes and Noble!
I am new to this particular place in my life, glad to be here! Only YAHWEH knows where this is all going. I am following him!

I am not ashamed to live with a Restored Mind, Restored Marriage, and Restored Purpose in life.

Show categories, interview based
Bigotry and Racism (we toss the race card under the bus)
Religious Apathy (they do what they do because we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing)
Political Inactivity (Fight Back, Vote back or sit back and watch everything collapse)

I have one date open in June, two dates open in July
contact me at uncoloringrace@gmail.com
My show is just getting started. So too, is the learning curve! Looking for sponsors and advertisers! Thanks

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