Saturday, June 21, 2014

Greg Silverman Announcement

"Sacred" DVD RELEASE-Less thank 2 weeks away!!!

Shalom Jeff,

New documentary DVD, Sacred, will be released on July 2nd at the Messiah Conference! 

As some of you already know, we've been working on a new documentary DVD movie for quite some time now.  We're finally ready to share!!!  It will be released in only about two weeks, on July 2nd.  

As part of my doctoral studies in Choral Conducting, I had the unique opportunity to conduct the top choir at the University of Arizona singing a piece of classical Hebrew liturgical music.  This is an amazing composition by Jewish composer Darius Milhaud around 1947, which takes the Hebrew liturgical text (a lot of the same words that you might hear at a Messianic or traditional synagogue on a Saturday morning), and create a new piece of music with these powerful Jewish words and prayers.    

The movie includes live footage from me conducting the recital together with other segments sharing about the piece as well as the significance of choral conducting in my life.  
My desire is that this movie will reach out to our Messianic and Christian communities in a meaningful way.  After all, choral music is such an important part of how we worship King Yeshua!  Even during the times of King David, there were huge choirs singing praises to the God of Israel.  
In addition, I believe this documentary can reach the hearts of pre-believing Jewish people.  No matter whether one is Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed, Jewish liturgy is central, and the words that the choir sings in this DVD are Hebrew liturgical words.  
Check out the trailer for Sacred at 
Would you share this trailer with your friends and family?
Also, would you pray for our ministry during this special time of releasing Sacred?
And last but not least, be sure to pick up your DVD either at the Messiah Conference or online (either as a DVD or digital download) at!!!

God bless you and Shalom from our family to yours,

Greg Silverman Ministries, Inc. (501c3) exists to:  1) Share the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah with both Jews & Gentiles, 2) Build connections between the Messianic Jewish Movement and the Church, 3) Lead in Messianic Praise and Worship with excellence, and 4) Train and equip the next generations of worshipers and musicians.
Release on July 2nd! 
Thank you for sowing into our ministry through your prayers and financial support.

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