Friday, June 6, 2014

Freedom 1590 "Conservative Talk Radio "Un-Coloring Race" Schedule

Fight Back, Vote Back....God into America!

  • We crush the Race Card (God made one race. Can You Dig It?)
  • We chastise Biblical Apathy (Some of my guests are going to blow your mind)
  • We are Politically active...Not waiting for an airlift or rapture. We are getting our hands dirty!
  • We support our service members and our number one ally in the entire world, Israel even when our leadership and our college campus's promote STUPID into the minds of our kids and into the fabric of what was America, Land of the Free.........Our honorable service members don't go desert in Afghanistan...I mean, who does stuff like this. I can only think of one person!

Don't ask me to Shut up about Yahweh, to do so is insane!

I am a bit overwhelmed at my guest list so far for Un-Coloring Race on Freedom 1590am
  • June 8th Eric Schewlling
  • June 15th Professor Jonathan Matusitz
  • June 22nd Trevor Loudin
  • June 29th James Trimm.
  • July 6th Dan & Brenda Cathcart.
  • July 13 Pastor Mark Biltz
  • July 20th Daniel McGirr
Booking Local Politicians and or conservatives who are standing [You guys have any guts?]
"Fight Back, Vote Back....God into our nation My show is not interested in talking with people who hate me
Those who are not ashamed of God and Country are welcome to share your message on our talk radio program.
If you are anti racism and have a message that you want to share contact
WE always need your support and contributions...Your advertising dollars and sponsorships to keep this going...and your prayers. Oh...We have reconnected to "Hebrew Bible to the rest of the Hebrew Bible and we vote!

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