Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finally Met Joseph Farah

Sunday Noon to 1:00 Pacific

 About ten years ago while listening to Michael Savage I first heard Joseph Farah who was a rare guest on the Savage Nation. What ever he was speaking about [who can remember?] caused me to follow Joseph Farah's career ever since.

He started World Net Daily seventeen years ago. WND as it is now called is, according to Mr. Farah the Largest Internet "Christian" News service in the world. I myself go to WND, daily for information or Global news! I don't listen to most of the communist news agencies that America is foolishly tuning into on the tube.

Well, Mr. Farah visited El Shaddai Ministries last night. I was able to ask him an important question during the question and answer session, met with him shortly thereafter, and I gave to him a copy of "The Evidence, The Scriptural Defense of God's Eternal Law" A very important book that I personally believe every Christian should read...(perhaps we can exclude the Presbyterians?)

Anyway....here are a few pics and the entire presentation of Mr. Joseph Farah at El Shaddai Ministries last evening. His message or rather recanting of Biblical Prophesy concerning Mitsraim or Egypt was stunning. I am familiar with this prophesy but I was not aware that it was actually happening .....?

Enjoy! (Gosh, time to juice again!)

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