Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK "Like Virginia just did!"

"FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK" is a tag line that I have created hoping to encourage Americans to STAND against what we see enveloping our nation.
We saw Virginia do just that last night with the defeat of Eric Cantor. Congratulations to David Brat who said:

Judeo-Christian Values represent God's Laws no matter how you Slice it, Dice it or tell the world The Laws of God are fulfilled, done away with? The bottom line is this: What are Judeo-Christian Values if they are not based on God's Perfect Law?

Eric Schewlling and I debated this on my show last weekend....

So to those of you who will Stand, God will stand with you! HaShem, YHVH, Yahweh, promised to restore his ways that you are standing for so FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK YHVH into our Society.

Now, don't sit back and watch hell move against David Brat. Support David Brat he needs money
Our Country is out of control because they keep trying to convince our nation to kick God out of our society...HEAVEN FORBID we allow this to continue!

FYI, I am waiting for this book to arrive in my mail box...and so should you. Order it today

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