Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Do You know of Trevor Loudin or Frank Marshall Davis?

Allen West confirmed his appearance via/Brittany Zanin for June 1st at 12:30 PM. To date, I have not heard from his people why the "No Show" Their has been no contact between his staff and Un-Coloring Race. Nevertheless, we wish him well and support his effort to bring sanity back to America. Equally, his book, "Guardian of the Republic" is a must read in my opinion!
So I asked YAHWEH, "You send to me those who you want on this program"...Trevor Loudin's people contacted me about an hour later.

For the Record: I am a Biblical person, a Biblical conservative, not bound by Skin color! I study the Bible with an Hebraic mindset and I stand in support of Israel.....If this bothers you, have a nice day and like my kid sister said to me one day many, many years ago, "You look better, gone!"

Jay Carney's has these two pics hanging in his home, duh?
Bergdhal is a deserter according to those who served along side of him. Bergdhal's father stood on the White House Lawn (Owned by the American Public) speaking Arabic, looking like Osama Bin Laden's Norwegian cousin! Meanwhile, top military leaders are returned to combat via the American President who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, who supports the Arabs from Jordan and Egypt otherwise known as Palestinians and who is crippling
America on purpose (in my opinion)

Yup, change has come to America! Now let's change it back!
Jay Carney
Black Americans who LORD over this man stump my sensibilities on a level unprecedented during my life time. We know, [those of of who research facts] that much of the communist, Islamic influences in America love this man. We also know that they surround him!
The Carney Family Home 

Frank M Davis
On June 22nd Un-Coloring Race Freedom 1590 my scheduled guest is Trevor Loudin a researcher who has a lot to say about all of this beginning with who is Frank Marshall Davis? Our new show broadcasts from noon to 1:00 every Sunday Pacific time

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