Thursday, June 19, 2014

Destroying Freedom from the Oval Office

Those of you familiar with my blog know that I have said from the beginning, "Barack Obama is not what you think he is." Celebrating the first black president afforded this man [and those who support him] the perfect cover to bring forth a very socialist, Marxist theology forward.

The IRS has lost emails, hard drives, and transparency. The media has us discussing this subversion of our legal system via the IRS as opposed to demanding accountability, truth and criminal indictments.

The United States Navy is bringing a terrorist from another country affording Miranda, legal representation?

The border is being flooded with children???????? A diabolical trick to overwhelm the border and welfare system with kids

Just listen to what this man told the American Public!

 Here is a partial list of the effect of electing the first Muslim, Mulatto, Christian, fake imposter to the Presidency
Fast and Furious
Lois Lerner
Muslim Brotherhood (Cairo University speech)
Treating Israel like a plague
Constantly playing race against our citizens
Blaming the wealthy for the failure of our country
Eric Holder (Ignoring US Law)
Communist infiltration of our Government
Spending, Spending, Spending!
Explosion of welfare, food stamps programs
VA Scandal and lack of activity to correct
Overriding Congress
Attacking the Coal industry
Crippling the Oil Industry
Partial Birth Abortion are now legal
Not protecting the Laws of the United States of America

This man is a monster, an absolute poison to the United States of America!!!!!!

What shocks me more than anything about this man is how the American Citizenry continues to allow this criminal to occupy the White House?

FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK....The United States of America, ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!!!!!!!

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