Monday, June 9, 2014

The Professor has had to reschedule...

Professor Jonathan Matusitz will be my guest on "Un-Coloring Race" Freedom 1590 Sunday June15, 2014. He will be our guest in the first 30 minutes of the broadcast. Many of our young people are detached from what Terrorism is other than bombs going off and death. Professor Matustiz addresses terrorism while teaching at the University of Central Florida as well as in his book, "Terrorism and Communication: A Critical Introduction"
I met professor Matusitz recently in Tacoma, WA sitting through two presentations  concerning the facts concerning terrorism.

Young people are the next generation. To not have a proper understanding of what Radical Islam is fomenting in America means the rise of Sharia Law in AMERICA has little to no opposition (20 years from now)
Dr. Matusitz is working hard to educate our youth. History must be part of what our young people learn...If they don't learn, then the history and hell of Islamic rule will happen again, is happening in Europe

Again, the program begins at noon until 1:00 Pacific time. Professor Matusitz will chat with us during the first 30 minutes. In support of the Professor and all of his great works I hope many will come to know him. The attacks against him are relentless, Dr. Jonathan Matusitz is fearless!
The following is 1:17 minutes in length

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