Monday, June 30, 2014

While Watching the B.E.T. Awards Show

I watched part of the B.E.T. Awards Presentation last evening. I watched a tribute to Ruby Dee and Maya Angelou, two of the most precious, most revered women of my life time. I have read Maya Angelou's work all of my life. Both women personify the heart of God in the earth in my opinion. I watched Myrlie Evers-Williams speak with elegance concerning the last 50 years of her life and the struggle fought by so many. Fifty year later much has changed. I certainly understood, admire and salute the endurance of these three black women who give to many the integrity of being one of God's kids.

Personally, I occupy a place in human history whereby the color of one's skin is not a defining calculus in walking with God. Genesis 26:4-5 [spoke of why Abraham was chosen.] Subsequently, I will continue to remind those willing to hear: YHVH is not raising up a race of people but rather a Kingdom of people!

Myrlie Evers-Williams
Understanding how Yahweh sees a matter is tantamount, especially in our generation. As I watched the program none of the revelatory, Biblical occurrences happening the world over were represented. Where is the God of Israel, the Elohim of the nations, I thought? It is by his hand that battles are won, victories are established. I saw the never ending "Black & Proud, we shall overcome stance of the last 50 years saluted. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands are being slaughtered around the globe. Women and children are beheaded daily, raped daily, discarded as if garbage.

The celebration of being an African American, in America while Africans are being blown to bits is not apart of the dialog or the conversation. Those Jews who walked with Martin Luther King in both the 50's, 60's are not mentioned. Israel is facing nations committing war crimes against her daily, this fact not even a consideration, a blurb or thought.

Skin color and the achievement of moving from white slavery to black on black crime, abortions, fatherless families, gangs and hand outs as opposed to hands up in prayer are muddled due to the success of this person or that person.

I watched the program thinking how much comfort the devil has in this community. He too, enjoys the skin color identity. I watched the program thinking this is how the world commands it's doctrines, it's theologies. Nothing is set apart, holy or longing for redemption but rather the honor to coexist, now achieved.

I think what YHVH is doing today is calling people out of the world system. Thus, these celebrations are not why Abraham was chosen. I would be the first person running towards the battle of slavery were this the case today. I would be doing so because of the Kingdom of God not the color of my skin. May God continue to be a light in this darkness. Suffice it to say, we live in a time whereby keeping God's statutes, His Commandments, His Laws or Torah is the defining reality between those who enter and those who do not.

Genesis 26:4-5 
I will multiply your offspring as the stars of the sky, and will give all these lands to your offspring. In your offspring will all the nations of the earth be blessed,  because Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my requirements, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.”

Sunday, June 29, 2014

James Trimm Interview Sunday, noon to 1:00 Pacific

Israel, The Only Nation On Earth refused Justice

I have written about Israel nearly eight years.

I would like to write today something that I have said before but will attempt to pour out of my spirit what words often cannot convey.

The "Land of Israel" belongs to YHVH. The descendants of Abraham were given this land to be caretakers, an inheritance as a direct result of covenant promise...[Pause, I am not going to quote scripture after scripture]

The miracle of our time is Israel, reborn with the people of Israel fighting for the land. The nations are not supporting Israel, the church is not fighting for anything, really, and societies around the globe are leaping over a cliff.

I see Israel as the culmination of the plan of YAHWEH in the earth or at the very least a pivotal point in the revelation of GOD! I see his ROYAL Kingdom being prepared. Not a church rapture but rather, hands and feet digging into the land in preparation of his arrival. I see the most incredible narrative coming to pass namely the Restoration of Israel, a light for all of the nations actually happening. I see the PLAN everywhere being fulfilled in my life time. Likewise, I see rebellion to what God is doing. In my life time rebellion is no longer spiritual but rather tangible. Life is being eviscerated as a result the blood of hundreds of thousands cries out of the land.

Everyday of my life I live within this miracle distracted only by the rebellion of mankind but, not thwarted. Simply put, what is occurring is a glorious thing to witness. Arguing via religion is just another aspect of the rebellion. Celebrating the strength of those living in the land, supporting them, honoring them is why I breath...I see the eternal becoming quite visible as well. I know the end to be actually the beginning.

Justice is coming to the Land of Israel. For some reason I have been given a ringside seat as well as an opportunity to STAND with what God is doing....My humility grows, so too, does my gratefulness. I am watching the judgement of America increase with every hour along with the nations. God wants to save all of us not destroy any of us...He wants to save us from ourselves.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who Would You Add To This List?

Please vote accordingly Mr. Trevor Loudon makes a few suggestions. I think what he is suggesting is BRILLIANT!

If we don't "FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK" Godly wisdom into our Republic the United States will become a memory! Yesterday I heard Michael Medved, while speaking with David Boze say,
(Paraphrasing) You cannot get elected using Biblical Law. Mr Medved, who I will see later on today reinforced why I struggle with his understanding of our Creator and his moderate positions. Unlike Mr. Medved, everything that I do is to call a nation back to God....No matter how unlikely it may seem the time for us to Return, Teshuva, in my opinion is about 236 years over due!

Who would you add to this list?
Ted Cruz....President

Vice President of the United States
Allen West

Vice President of the United States
Allen West

Department of State
John Boulton

Department of the Treasury
Rand Paul

Department of Justice
Attorney General 

Mark Levine

Department of Commerce Michele Bachmann

Department of Energy Sarah Palin

Department of Education
David Barton

Department of Health & Human Services Ben Carson 

Department of Defense?
Department of the Interior?
Department of Agriculture?
Department of Labor?
Department of Housing and Urban Development?  
Department of Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs?
Department of Homeland Security?

Book Recommendation!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finally Met Joseph Farah

Sunday Noon to 1:00 Pacific

 About ten years ago while listening to Michael Savage I first heard Joseph Farah who was a rare guest on the Savage Nation. What ever he was speaking about [who can remember?] caused me to follow Joseph Farah's career ever since.

He started World Net Daily seventeen years ago. WND as it is now called is, according to Mr. Farah the Largest Internet "Christian" News service in the world. I myself go to WND, daily for information or Global news! I don't listen to most of the communist news agencies that America is foolishly tuning into on the tube.

Well, Mr. Farah visited El Shaddai Ministries last night. I was able to ask him an important question during the question and answer session, met with him shortly thereafter, and I gave to him a copy of "The Evidence, The Scriptural Defense of God's Eternal Law" A very important book that I personally believe every Christian should read...(perhaps we can exclude the Presbyterians?) are a few pics and the entire presentation of Mr. Joseph Farah at El Shaddai Ministries last evening. His message or rather recanting of Biblical Prophesy concerning Mitsraim or Egypt was stunning. I am familiar with this prophesy but I was not aware that it was actually happening .....?

Enjoy! (Gosh, time to juice again!)

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June 01, 2014 

June 08, 2014

June 15, 2014

June 22, 2014

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Trevor Loudin Podcast June 22, 2014

The enemy is moving the nation, America, so far away from the ways of God. The problem is that he is using people to do it. The bigger problem is those who say "I Love God" are allowing the things of God to be swept away in this nation...God will judge his house for doing nothing! Rebellion has come up before YHVH concerning the USA

Trevor Loudon and I addressed those who have come into the nation of America and are doing everything that is against the God who brought forth this nation.....The believers of the God of the Bible are letting this happen.....Are we one of the nations mentioned in Zechariah 2:11 or are we waiting for an airlift....Who is standing Them or Us!

Many nations shall join themselves to Yahweh in that day, and shall be my people; and I will dwell in the midst of you, and you shall know that Yahweh of Armies has sent me to you.

Jeff Morton is sounding an alarm "FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK"
The local elections need Godly people in Office. YOU are the only way they will get there! Please get involved!
Thank You Trevor Loudon for "Sounding the Alarm" on my show Un-Coloring Race

The End of Gentile Rule Is At Hand. God is Coming!

He Came to Us Jewish for a kaZillion Reasons

Read This Verse and ask yourselves, IS America in a position to be one of these nations. If not the only reason for this is the Body of God is not standing for the things of God.

Zechariah 2:11 Many nations shall join themselves to Yahweh in that day, and shall be my people; and I will dwell in the midst of you, and you shall know that Yahweh of Armies has sent me to you.

William Koenig on Twitter:
Updates From Jerusalem



Israeli soldiers seen during patrol in the Golan Heights
after a 15-year-old Israeli boy was killed in what the IDF
said was a missile attack from Syria, June 22, 2014.
(photo: Flash90)
The Israeli Air Force launched retaliatory air strikes on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights overnight Sunday, confirming direct hits on nine army positions belonging to the Assad regime — including a regional command center – after a 15-year-old boy was killed earlier Sunday in an attack on the Israeli side.
“The IDF targeted nine Syrian army positions in response to the earlier attack that originated in Syria killing an Israeli teenager and injuring two other Israeli civilians. The targeted sites include Syrian [regional] military headquarters and launching positions,” the IDF said in a statement.

Ya'alon gives a statement to the press about the
abduction of three Jewish teenagers near Hebron,
in the West Bank, Saturday, June 14, 2014.
(photo: Flash90)
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon justified on Monday Israeli strikes on Syrian military targets in retaliation for a lethal cross-border strike the day before, asserting that Syrian President Bashar Assad was responsible for any attacks emanating from his territory.
“The Assad regime now sees that it is responsible for the area under its control,” Ya’alon said. “We will respond aggressively and harshly against any provocation and violation of our sovereignty.”

The security repercussions from Sunday's deadly, cross-border missile attack from Syria will likely continue to reverberate in the coming hours and days.
Should the IDF reach the likely conclusion that combatants from the pro-Assad camp - either the Syrian army itself, Hezbollah, or someone acting on their behalf - is responsible for the firing of an anti-tank missile at an Israeli truck, it is difficult to imagine Israel sitting on the sidelines and failing to act to punish the aggressors and restore its deterrence.
An initial investigation into the attack found that the barrier separating Israel from Syria along the Golan Heights prevented even more casualties, as it managed to absorb a large chunk of the blast from the missile strike. That's no comfort to the bereaved family from the village of Arraba in the Galilee, and it will change nothing in Israel's response to the incident.

Kerry and Maliki meet at the Prime
Minister's Office in Baghdad on June 23, 2014
(photo: Reuters, Brendan Smialowski)
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Iraq's prime minister in Baghdad on Monday to push for a more inclusive government, even as Baghdad's forces abandoned the border with Jordan, leaving the entire Western frontier outside government control.
Sunni tribes took the Turaibil border crossing, the only legal crossing point between Iraq and Jordan, after Iraqi security forces fled, Iraqi and Jordanian security sources said.
The tribes were negotiating to hand the post over to insurgents from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant who took control of two main crossings with Syria over the weekend.

For most Westerners, Iraq is a foreboding and dangerous place that is filled with extremists and daily violence. Yet as little as 75 years ago Iraq was a vibrant country that was home to many different ethnic and religious minorities, including large Jewish and Christian populations.
But the latest round of violence spearheaded by the jihadist terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), which is driving through the heart of Iraq to the capital of Baghdad and inflicting medieval-style Islamic justice on anyone in its path, might be the last gasp of Iraq’s ancient Christian community, which faces extinction like Iraq’s Jewish community before it.
“Iraq used to be a beautiful mosaic made of many different faiths, including Judaism,” Juliana Taimoorazy, founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, told

Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces in Ramadi on June 19, 2014
(photo: Reuters)
Sunni militants have blitzed through the vast desert of western Iraq, capturing four towns and three border crossings and deepening the predicament of the Shiite-led government in Baghdad led by Nouri al-Maliki.
The latest military victories — including two border posts captured Sunday, one along the frontier with Jordan and the other with Syria — considerably expanded territory under the militants' control just two weeks after the Al Qaeda breakaway group began swallowing up chunks of northern Iraq, heightening pressure on al-Maliki to step aside.
The lightning offensive by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant takes the group closer to its dream of carving out an Islamic state straddling both Syria and Iraq. Moreover, controlling the borders with Syria will help it supply fellow fighters there with weaponry looted from Iraqi warehouses, significantly reinforcing its ability to battle beleaguered Syrian government forces.

Syrian jets bombed on Saturday rebel-held eastern areas close to the border with Iraq under the control of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, killing and injuring dozens in stepped up raids against the militant group since its Iraqi offshoot made stunning gains in northern Iraq.
Five raids killed at least 16 people and injured dozens more when bombs hit residential areas in the town of Muhassan just over 100 km (60 miles) from Iraq, a day after tribal elders in the town along the Euphrates River, pledged allegiance to ISIL.


An Urgent Call to Pray from Anne Graham-Lotz
Chuck Colson's New Year's vision in 2006: Nightmare or prophecy?
Obama owns LGBT and the consequences
Obama to sign executive order banning LGBT discrimination for federal contractors to circumvent Congress
White House cuts aid to Uganda, cancels military exercise over anti-gay law
The damage to the Obama presidency is already done
The U.S. Senate’s impeachment role
Retired Democratic US Senator on Obama Foreign Policy: 'There Is No Leadership'
The Middle East is in a downward spiral
Retired U.S. General says Iraq is gone
How by claiming that the Jewish people "occupied" Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem the global Christian organizations have sided with the Islamic worldview
A Christian fatwa against Israel
And more …. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014



If "INFORMATION" does not cause you to "FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK" then you are another problem for us who use it...

I support Israel because...I am not an Idiot

Keeping YOUNG minds Free

 "The Mind is a terrible thing to waste." Well, I would add too, 

"The Spirit of YHVH is a terrible thing to throw under the bus"

Communism, Marxism and and Islamic realities have to do this in order to control. Christianity and Catholicism have both played a role in doing the same thing....Holiness, Righteousness cannot participate in fallen mankind's religious and social systems. 


Micah 4:2  Many nations will go and say, "Come, and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths." For out of Zion will go forth the law, and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem;

Young People pay attention: Within Christianity the devil is often the end all, be all problem plaguing the world. [an invisible spirit that is the busiest being in CREATION....?] Well many people today who lack Biblical truth (Tares) could care less about the devil..They care more about Socialism, Communism, and the myth of bigger government. In fact, most believe in just about everything or anything as long as it does not have a Biblical connotation or inference. Hence, Antisemitism, Racism and Apathy are off the chart. Our young people are being trained up to love adversity to God....The, "Anything Goes Generation" is reaching adulthood....Because this sort of "Societal Manipulation is now core to what young minds experience, CHAOS is what these young adults are adjusting to, learning to live in, surviving in a sort of numbness to life mode. Communism, the Progressive Movement, Socialism & Marxism gain a foot hold via social engineering which has to crush Freedom in order to bring about Utopia. Utopia is the lie of hell. Holiness is the truth of God. Where on earth is Utopia, based on the wisdom of people like Barack Obama...throughout World History?

Radical Islam is doing the same thing however it, by passes the Kum-baya, multiculturalism, tolerate everyone, nonsense that is the undercurrent that many of the people now running the government of the Unites States employ. Radical Islam cuts off your head, takes over your country and forces you to serve the devil.....Communism on Steroids! Then again is this not what the Soviet Union and Communist China have done as well. Why has America not already been changed into a Communist State? The answer, "FREEDOM and the US Constitution" 

Israel is being threatened, surrounded by people who want absolute control and the USA is being subverted from within by people who want absolute control. The devil wants absolute control of all Chaos...[hmmmmm, makes no sense to me either]

My guest today is going to show the listener how the core of the United States of America is being dismantled. Far too many young people are either uninvolved, socially engineered, or just plan old disenfranchised with a bleak future. Many too, were born in a generation that kills children and so psychologically the value of life has been compromised....Well, The 60's fomented a sort of permanent idiocy in how we live as a nation. The church is too muted or self absorbed to "FIGHT BACK, and Vote Back" God into our nation. Our children run from church life. A watered down message that ignores God's statutes, commandments, and Laws greets Sunday parishioners who in turn go home to broken families, broken lives and ripped off futures. The communist movements with in the United States of America see our children as ripe for the taking and so our colleges are promoting antisemitism, hate and rebellion......
My guest today on "Un-Coloring Race is going to address these issues...Hope you will join the live streaming program from noon to 1:00 PACIFIC (3:00 pm on the East Coast) just click "Listen Live tab"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mr. Trevor Loudon is my guest on Freedom 1590 Seattle Radio


Glenn Beck

Liberty News Network

Pacific Freedom Foundation

Freedom 1590 Conservative Talk
Un-Coloring Race with Jeff Morton
Noon to 1:00 (Pacific) Sunday
June 22nd Click the Link below

Greg Silverman Announcement

"Sacred" DVD RELEASE-Less thank 2 weeks away!!!

Shalom Jeff,

New documentary DVD, Sacred, will be released on July 2nd at the Messiah Conference! 

As some of you already know, we've been working on a new documentary DVD movie for quite some time now.  We're finally ready to share!!!  It will be released in only about two weeks, on July 2nd.  

As part of my doctoral studies in Choral Conducting, I had the unique opportunity to conduct the top choir at the University of Arizona singing a piece of classical Hebrew liturgical music.  This is an amazing composition by Jewish composer Darius Milhaud around 1947, which takes the Hebrew liturgical text (a lot of the same words that you might hear at a Messianic or traditional synagogue on a Saturday morning), and create a new piece of music with these powerful Jewish words and prayers.    

The movie includes live footage from me conducting the recital together with other segments sharing about the piece as well as the significance of choral conducting in my life.  
My desire is that this movie will reach out to our Messianic and Christian communities in a meaningful way.  After all, choral music is such an important part of how we worship King Yeshua!  Even during the times of King David, there were huge choirs singing praises to the God of Israel.  
In addition, I believe this documentary can reach the hearts of pre-believing Jewish people.  No matter whether one is Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed, Jewish liturgy is central, and the words that the choir sings in this DVD are Hebrew liturgical words.  
Check out the trailer for Sacred at 
Would you share this trailer with your friends and family?
Also, would you pray for our ministry during this special time of releasing Sacred?
And last but not least, be sure to pick up your DVD either at the Messiah Conference or online (either as a DVD or digital download) at!!!

God bless you and Shalom from our family to yours,

Greg Silverman Ministries, Inc. (501c3) exists to:  1) Share the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah with both Jews & Gentiles, 2) Build connections between the Messianic Jewish Movement and the Church, 3) Lead in Messianic Praise and Worship with excellence, and 4) Train and equip the next generations of worshipers and musicians.
Release on July 2nd! 
Thank you for sowing into our ministry through your prayers and financial support.

Mark Hitchcock & Mark Biltz Blood Moon Debate

Jan Markell held a debate of sorts with these two pastors Click Here
Pastor Mark Biltz

Pastor Mark Hitchcock

  • Middle East is currently in Tribulation
  • Israel is completely surrounded
  • The Church is muted
  • The Catholic Church is in bed with Islam
  • The World economies are on the brink of collapse
  • Nations are rallying to divide Israel
  • Wars & Rumors of Wars
  • Men are marrying Men
  • Women are marrying Women
  • Child Sacrifice is legal
  • Greed, Murder, Lovers of self (societal norms)
    Mark Biltz
    Mark Hitchcock
    Jan Markell

    My personal comment: 
    The Church, for the last 1500 years or more is governed by a replacement doctrine meaning: The church is what God raised up for the Gentile followers of Christ. Dispensationalism, the rapture, and church age theology are all relative to this understanding [which is not based on what God is doing with Israel but rather Christianity.] Millions of people therefore are not in the know about what God is doing with Israel specifically for the nations. Hence a lack of Biblical clarity concerning the Festivals of God, His Calendar, His Language or Hebrew, His people and the Kingdom of Israel being restored.....No where in the scriptures does God say, "I am restoring the church."
    For example, when I ask Christian believers to name the greatest event in Christianity almost exclusively do I hear..."The resurrection of Jesus" This event did not happen within Christianity but rather, Israel. So too did the Bible, Jesus himself, all of the disciples and the entire biblical history-And.... Jesus or Yeshua is returning to....Israel. Perhaps reconnecting to the nation that we are all grafted into is an imperative for such a time as this?

    Thursday, June 19, 2014

    Mark Biltz & Mark Hitchcock Debate the Blood Moons

    Jan Markells Radio Show The Great Debate

    Jan moderates a debate/discussion between Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Pastor Mark Biltz on the blood moons.

    Monday June 23, 2014: Joseph Farah

     Event starts Mon Jun, 23 2014 7:00 PM PST