Tuesday, May 6, 2014

YAHWEH Take The Wheel

Have you noticed how many within Christianity are pacifying the Palestinian cause or how well known Christian celebrities are pacifying societal abominations that glorify Sodom & Gomorrah?

And what about Chrislam? Well, viewing several websites, articles etc, etc, Chrislam is religious blending between the nature of allah and YAHWEH against the evil one. I refuse to present those articles here or on my blog because of my fear of the LORD...I refuse to insult our Creator. Nevertheless, Chrislam is growing. A large number of churches across America welcome speakers, lecturers and supporters of this lunacy to share this ideology in churches.

I was watching the darling of country music, Carrie Underwood espouse her support for gay marriage while hoping to avoid controversy, huh?

Most recently, Jars of Clay leader, Dan Haseltine has thrown his opinion concerning gay marriage into the headlines.

So let's for a moment support the notion that a battle is waging and that God's Kingdom is warring with the kingdom of satan. Toss in the added notion that God is holy and satan un-holy or God is set apart while satan in not?
Now, let's put the entire Bible aside for a moment in particularly Tanakh....It seems to be fashionable to do so over the last 1800 years and fast forward down this slippery slope a few more years.

Israel is now divided, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have taken all of Judea and Samaria having wrestled away GAZA in 2005. How is Chrislam celebrated in this, now Islamic country, practicing Sharia? Judaism is outlawed in all of these regions, Christian are no longer in the Middle East.

UN-Natural unions between men and men, women and women are now producing children grown in laboratories in order to justify the argument of reproduction. Soul-less children born without the spirit of YAHWEH being raised in the way a child should never go.

1800 years ago the growing church thought it respectable to murder Jewish people virtually everywhere on earth. (Need Proof, Click Here) As a result most Christians (Not all) do not know Tanahk. After the nation of Israel was "Born Again" the Christian nation allowed school prayer to be tossed under the bus. This after allowing evolution to be taught contrary to God's eternal laws. In 1973 the Christian nation having successfully removed much of the Hebraic reality from God's word allowed mothers to now murder their children within the womb. Sort of makes the genesis of the 'evolution' of Eve recalcitrant to the whole idea put forth, "In The Beginning", huh?

Currently, John Kerry is roaming the earth like a serpent from hell via the Christian nation trying to convince humanity that the rebirth of Israel is the equivalent of the rebirth of Apartheid....

Well, we have divided Evolution from Creation
We have divided the family of God into the family of whatever?
We have divided God's word into and old one and then a new one.
And we have divided our biblical responsibility to stand for the kingdom of YHVH in the earth by dividing God's laws via societal machinations.......

Yup we are truly becoming set apart...... and so this blogger emphatically cries out

YAHWEH, Take the wheel!

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