Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why.....Un-Coloring Race on AM Talk Radio?

I have been asked to write a short summary of what the weekly one hour broadcast of Un-Coloring Race will be about on AM Talk Radio. With many considerations, a great deal of praying I would like to share why, Un-Coloring Race..........
We are but one family, multiplied inhabiting this earth. To think that we crawled out of the sea eventually climbing into the space shuttles heading towards the moon, above and beyond every living creature is absurd. To think that the building of nations, raising families, fighting for freedom is not the will of God is also absurd. To think that the color of skin is reason enough to lord over anyone, is reprehensible, cruel, and wrong.
To be divided due to politics, religion, faith, and social status is evil, hateful, and detrimental to every family, everywhere on earth. Un-Coloring Race is a call to the families of God to come out of the kingdom of hell realizing in this hour that every description above reveres the ungodly and the profane.
The talk radio program in development will ask the listener to come out of that which profanes the King of Glory! My guests will bring revelation, hope, and commentary about, "Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven." We will attempt to do so with Honesty, Biblical Integrity and Sanity. The restoration of all things is not a cliche.

Thank you for you support.

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