Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Focus on AM Talk Radio Freedom 1590

I was asked last night to give a brief description of the talk radio program, "Un-Coloring Race" to be aired on Freedom 1590......

This show is about agreeing with the Biblical narrative namely, "Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven." Therefore, what is our Kingdom responsibility against Powers and Principalities that insist on Racial Bigotry, Religious Division, and Political Apathy. The show boldly encourages, "Get out of the Pews and get onto the Senate floor!" The time to roll up our sleeves is long past.

If we believe the Bible then we are in a battle so, in the words of Todd Morgan Beamer  
"Let's Roll." 

The shows focus will bring revelation to some, will encourage political involvement to the entire faith based community and will never support, "That which insists on making no sense at all"
The show will feature like minded guests who wish to discuss politics, current news of the day, the entire Bible, people who support Israel against the BDS movement insanity and the rest of the lunacy and evil hell this nation faces. will we feature people who love Freedom within the United States of America [based on why God created this country in the first place.].......

We have raised a generation that represents Nineveh, our silence and or participation has fostered a Sodom & Gomorrah culture while many Jonah's are being sent out to warn our nation.


Dan McQuiston said...

What time is your program on?

Jeff Morton said...

Tentative time is 12:00 to 1:00 PM Sunday...first broadcast will be in not set yet

Thanks Dan!