Monday, May 5, 2014

Stay engaged or welcome Antiocus Epiphanes IV

There are 3 people in my world that I hope to meet. Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Allen West.
I sent the following response to Brent Bozell who I met in Bellvue, WA I also posted on Facebook
In support,

I believe that we are to STAND for the Kingdom of YHVH in this earth. I therefore think staying politically involved based on the Kingdom of God is EXTREMELY important. The plain reality is that in a war, if one does not fight in order to protect then the enemy simply walks in a takes over! This is what I feel has been exactly what has occurred in our NATION. So, to have a president running our country who supports Gay marriage, Abortion, which includes shoving a tool into the neck/brain of a child before it exits the womb so as to not be called murder or partial birth abortion...who has engaged in cover up, after cover up,...The IRS, Benghazi, Guns to Mexico scandals and who is also spending every dollar....or dissolving the wealth of our nation...YES we have to stand! I truly think the people running our nation are just damned EVIL! Not just lost...and so I STAND.

To have John Kerry refer to the "born again" nation, ISRAEL as an apartheid nation and to even think for a moment that Israel would give up more land that belongs to HIM is insanity!!!!!! And so I STAND! My broadcast is welcoming conservatives who are politically minded to come on and to share...with a Biblical spirit, why we need to STAND!
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If you are a Christian who is looking for more, seeking for more the following show offers a place to start. (not sure why my voice was breaking up during this broadcast but we had a great time!)
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