Saturday, May 31, 2014

Public Announcement

I am a strong supporter of conservatism and Biblical values. I support Israel's right to exist. I will continue to fight the idiocy of the BDS movements against the People of Israel and will fervently stand against de-legitimizing the Jewish People. I understand the Bible from an Hebraic mindset, study Tanakh, and the Brit Chadassah. I am a Ronald Reagan conservative [purposed by my God for such a time as this.] I am new to the political arena in Seattle/Tacoma, not politics! My grandfather, Father or anyone else in my immediate family has ever been to Africa. Furthermore, I am politically In-Correct on purpose!

My show will be an "Interview based" clarion call to "Fight Back, Vote Back" sanity into our Republic, broadcasting on Freedom 1590 from noon to 1:00 PM Pacific (Sundays) live and on the Internet. I am lining up guests to join my effort with former Congressman (Florida) Allen West as my very first scheduled guest June 1, 2014.
My show will discuss Apathy among voters and all of the idiocy being passed into law as a result
I will challenge the Christian-Judeo nation by asking the question: How is it that our generation is responsible for the decline of one of the most amazing countries on earth? Hopefully my effort will bring epiphany to a few folks, encouraging others...I will speak out against what I call, "Manufactured Racism" and media duplicity in supporting "unsustainable stupidity" that is crushing our republic's sense of exceptional-ism. I refuse to believe that America has become the Jerry Springer Audience........?
So, check us out and hopefully you will agree to come onto my program and
represent common sense for those needing to be encouraged. America is not done yet!


Elie Pieprz said...

Wishing you only blessings of success from your colorful friends in Israel!

Ed Hulett said...

I'll be there listening in, Jeff. I pray you have great success in all you do.

Moed Torah said...

I looked at the programming lineup at 1590 AM. It looks like you are taking Dennis Miller's time slot. Can you be as pithy and speak with as many comic metaphors as Miller? I look forward to hearing your new show.