Friday, May 16, 2014

Political, Biblical, Torah Based, with the Gospel intact....Yup, "Let's Roll"

My new company...AJKM Productions is going to promote "Thy Kingdom Come" common sense.
I will be encouraging the "Mixed Multitude" to stand. I will be talking with the Un-Colored, Un-Ashamed, & Un-Broken kids of YHVH's coming Kingdom via the radio program on AM Talk 1590. My desire is to interview folks who are not glued to the pew but, who are hearing and obeying the commandments of YHVH whether via politics, ministry or just because Yahweh asked you to get busy!

My company will not promote what the powers and principalities are promoting but rather, we will promote YHVH's commandments...Nuff said!

Please, stand with us............

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