Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Okay...Let's Roll

Hello everyone Jeff Morton here,

Some of you know that I will be taking my program, "Un-Coloring Race" to AM Radio here in the Seattle, Puget Sound area.
I have started the company, AJKM Productions (acronym of my children's names)
The program is going to encourage the warriors of our faith and supporters of Israel to stand and fight back against powers and principalities and, for lack of a better word, Evil. I hope to have guests who come against racial idiocy, religious lunacy and political apathy. More importantly, guests who are not afraid to face the battle, fight the fight.

"Fight Back, Vote Back" 
as opposed to sitting in the pews or synagogues watching others stand for the Principles of a Holy God.

I am a person who is fond of the entire Bible both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Hebrew Scriptures that Christianity supports...(I will let you all chew on that one). I am told that the station is boosting the signal and has the potential to reach 3 million folks. The broadcast is also live on the Internet. My show is tentatively slotted into the noon to 1:00 pm  Sundays.

I am also a Torah based, Gospel believing fighter who absolutely believes in the deity of Yeshua (Jesus) Even in this, I believe in ONE God, the Elohim of Israel. I am conservative in my political view point.

 My political view point is not going to hide under the desk during my broadcasts!

I think what we are witnessing in the world is long been foretold however, I am running towards the battle, standing against the so called BDS movements [against Israel] I think racism along with antisemitism is parked into the hearts of millions of people....Not excluding the faith community, go figure? I am going to address this and fight it....publicly

The show is not going to back away from these topic...

Please, for those of you who pray...I need a few of your thoughtful considerations raised up before Yahweh. The show needs support in the form of advertisers, Sponsors (Financially) and a Guest List....If you would like to help, contact me at any one of the contact links below. I already have a few guests lined up. We are talking to several well known folks who have agreed to be a part of what I am doing....
Yes, I am Nervous...not afraid!

*This message in Seattle, wouldn't you be too?*

Today, I finalize all contracts and agreements with Salem Communications.

Thank you!
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