Monday, May 5, 2014

Okay, So?

With a renewed vigor and a shift in how I move forward let me share with you a few things that are flooding into my spirit.
I have been a politically minded person since Ronald Reagan. While on board the USS Long Beach during the presidency of Jimmy Carter [who demoralized pretty much, most of our crews compliment of 1500 men] I lived through a time that challenged my young mind. When Ronald Reagan won the election by a landslide vote our ship roared with celebration. We went into celebration mode from the Captain, the Executive officer, right down to the enlisted personal. My memory of this was a spirited roar of approval echoed through our ship. To be honest, I was a young kid from basically a ghetto mindset thrust into military service. However, I started paying attention back in late 1979. The hostages held in Iran were released when Ronald Reagan took office. From that moment forward I started educating Jeff Morton.

My journey reading books, studying, learning eventually offered to me a great deal of information about a variety of subjects. My mother would quip, "How on earth do you remember all of this stuff?" Truth be told, history, not the revised type but actual history fascinates me!

When God showed to me what Israel is to him and why the Bible was purposed to be written by them etc, etc, etc...MY entire world transformed. I have been on the battlefield so to speak, in my mind ever since. Either via this blog, my website, book, television & radio interviews.....I feel like I am sitting on the edge of my seat every day of my life watching GOD bring his plans forward. It is like being handed a privilege extraordinaire! STANDING for biblical truth!

I wrote in my book "Un-Coloring Race, Black to B'resheet" I know longer live in my scars. Well, its true! I have made more mistakes in life than I have hair on my body. I don't live according to them, rather I started learning from them.. As a result, my life, at some point during the last 20 years begun to make sense. Nevertheless, if you want to throw me under the bus politically, just interview any one of my children or do a back ground check. I screwed up plenty in my life.....

I stopped doing the "Messy-Antic" stuff a few months ago. The fact is religious minded folks have missed a tremendous amount of the Biblical narrative but none of you are my enemy unless you want to behead me! We have all inherited lies.............Jeremiah 16:19

My blog, my Blog Talk Radio program are not breaking any records as far as listener-ship. An average 200 to 250 people read this blog daily....I have broken 1200 only once!. So I have been praying...God, You wired me to be who I am. You gave me this desire to love people and to hate stupid! Now Father God, give to me the resources to do all of this better. Please Abba, Father provide what I need in order to do more.

I am watching the spirit of racism explode along with every abhorrence to the Kingdom of YHVH with in America. We are a more technologically advanced Sodom & Gomorrah in my opinion. Well, the believer must stand against this.........Otherwise, what we represent means nothing!.

My faith based effort at standing needs financial support....and so I pray!...

My show is going to be a Hebraic centric, Politically conservative and open for like minded people to come on and share how they are fighting this battle. The heart is exceedingly wicked so you can leave your heart at home but if the spirit of God is in you I would welcome speaking with you about being a guest on our program. We broadcast live Sunday afternoon at 1:00 Pacific time. The shows are immediately archived.

I am going to focus on developing the blog talk media For those who support what this blog is all about
I could use a few things:

Pray, pray, pray for the blog talk program and what we need.
  • New computer (desperately) Desk Top
  • A Producer, this would be so helpful
  • More exposure
  • I want to also add a news commentary spokes person to provide a 3 minute recap of recent news stories.
  • I need a soulful, jazzy jingle for Uncoloring Race or even a theme song! 
  • Financial support....we live in Babylon!

We have four shows currently broadcasting on Kingdom Kids Radio Network or KKRN on the Blog Talk.
It has been offered to me to take a look at doing a possible show via Salem Communications Seattle...At this time my spirit is not moving in that direction.

In other words, I am going to keep moving forward while we can, fighting racial, and religious stupidity with your help. Thank you

Jeff Morton

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