Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello Everyone,

I sent this to my entire email list BCC...(I apologize in advance if this causes you a problem. Not my intent)

Okay so...I am conservative, I am Torah based, a gigantic supporter of Israel, and I am a Zionist with a Biblical understanding that is based on Hebraic thought as opposed to Western Theology alone. I am a bit terrified at what I am about to do. Even though I am an Un-Colored, via racism, Un-Broken via past mistakes, and Un-Ashamed via the Elohim of Israel. Nevertheless, I am filled with uncertainty TODAY!

I am a  believer in HaShem, YHVH or however you refer to him, who believes in the deity of Yeshua...a Jew or God in the flesh....[Yes, I think he can even do this...too!] I believe YHVH renewed the covenant made with Israel via his death and resurrection making a way for all of us to be a part of what is planned

I am about to go into Seattle sharing all of this on the airwaves hoping to encourage believers to "Fight back, Vote back" preparation of Mochiach (Messiah) and to stop running away from our political responsibility.

The shows are $150 each week. Again, I am committed but feeling very insecure (today) I need your prayers for Michele and I along with your support....At this moment I am asking myself..."What in God's name are you doing?" Nevertheless, I am about to throw my whole world into the lions den......[in my way of looking at all of this] The more exposure the greater the battle!

Allen West is my first guest. That ought to cause me considerable notice in a very left, liberal city? I admire former Congressman Allen West. You have no idea how honored I am that he would agree to be our very first guest

If you want to support the shows or want to be a sponsor go to my blog and contribute. I will announce your name/company. Their are other costs involved that's how it works! I am doing the best I can with support but today, I am filled with uncertainty. Not because of money but because, I just am having a confidence attack!

Thank you for caring

A special thank you to Bill & Sharon
The Grape brothers and so many of you who are encouraging and supportive. A special thank you to my wife...Michele.
Okay...nuff said!
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