Friday, May 2, 2014

Jeff's definition of Liberalism: That which insists on making no sense at all!

NAACP Took Grants From Clippers Owner Donald Sterling, Defended Him In The Press

Donald Sterling was soon to be honored by the Los Angeles NAACP for his monetary gifts via the Sterling Charitable Foundation (

Can you just imagine the conversation:
Donald Sterling: Hello this is Donald Sterling calling, may I speak with Leon Jackson?
Receptionist: One moment please.
Leon Jenkins: Hey Donald, What's up Homeboy?
Donald Sterling: Hello Leon, I understand you guys are celebrating 100 years of NAACP soon. How much is another award going to cost?
Leon Jenkins: Well sir, before I answer your question, how ya doing on black players, you lookin to buy soon?
Donald Sterling: I think I am okay this season now about the award, how much?

Money, Money, Money....MONEY!

These men are still.....dead
Nancy Pelosi, "Benghazi, Benhazi, Benghazi!" 

 Islamic Extremist: "What video are they talking about"

Lois Lerner: "******************"

John Kerry: "From Hitler to Aparteid"
President Obama. "You can keep your doctor, your money, and your country?
Eric Holder: "Guns to Mexico, no we sent FUN to Mexico"

I am watching all of these people and the spin connected to all of them with a sense of incredulity! This is why I call a great big chuck of America..."The Jerry Springer Audience" Many watch these events as though watching a television program cheering on INSANITY!
If it were not for my biblical faith I would feel utterly hopeless.
Especially knowing that when John Boehner looks into the mirror he sees Debbie Wasserman Schultz! God help us!

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