Friday, May 23, 2014

Jeff, Do You Still Believe In "Hebrew Roots?"

I was asked this question yesterday. I responded with a question, "Why do you ask?" I don't see much of your teaching's anymore was the response....[I am not a Torah Teacher folks] I just share info------

For the record. I gave my life to Jesus on October 6th, 1977. For as long as I was a Christian prior to my first marriage, sexual relations with just about any women willing to to disrobe was not even a thought. Living like I had no accountability did not change much as a believer. I was a mess!

Becoming a Christian was not like taking a magic pill for me. As a Christian, my life was still an emotional wreck. I used to say,"The best thing about my childhood was getting out of it!" The problem this mindset  represented was that it kept me from accepting who I was, as opposed to, how I was raised.  I blamed a great deal of my early childhood years on just about everything wrong in,"Jeff's Life." Much of my Christian walk was emotional based, [broken as a result] from the time I entered into a relationship "With Christ" until about 18 years ago. The problem for me, my personal journey was in how dysfunctional my emotional make up was. I was trying to fit a relationship with Jesus into inner chaos! Most of the sermons I heard fit right into my emotional deficits. The sermons had an emotional flavor that fit how I thought I needed to feel about everything. If only I could just get there. I reject virtually all of how I was taught to know Jesus today. I actually better understand what the Bible tells us about who he is and why he did what he did [from the beginning]...His life, death and resurrection as Yeshua is about 97, 98 on a scale from 1 to 100 in my opinion. The other things that he was doing from the beginning are too numerous to be focused on just the, "Born in a manger story."

When I started studying the Torah (Instructions) of God from an Hebraic construct or "Hebrew Roots," if you will, the Bible exploded. In 2007, God told me to go learn why he was Jewish. From then until now, -BLAM!-  nothing has been the same in my life. When I reconnected the Gospel to it's foundation, namely Israel and God's plan, how I understand the Bible today makes what I was trying to understand via Christianity literally, nonsensical [I will never take back this statement so....don't even try!] I reconnected both the old and the new or the entire Bible to the culture that produced them. God raised up that culture for a gigantic reason. He also made clear to me that he was never "Old and then New!" People have a tendency to make a mess out of just about everything...but, God is not messy!

Every Christian on earth should read Daniel Boyarin's book, "The Jewish Gospel" if you need an explanation concerning my last statement. Without the historical understanding of Church and what that meant to millions of people put to death as a direct result of  Christianity,  people like me are simply bashing another aspect of the church. No one teaches that history on Sunday morning that I am aware of.
Christians are being slaughter around the globe, none have been rapture'd. People like me are trying to wake up the church! Not condemn it. To those folks tribulation is occurring.

Does any of this mean that I shun Christians? Heaven forbid....I am just expressing my belief that our Christian understanding of the Bible amounts to about 2% of what God is revealing. I believe that this 2% is responsible for blocking the Christian world from seeing the additional 98% of what is being communicated via the unlimited Scriptures. Furthermore, I understand the layers and layers, pattern after pattern of what God is revealing while at the same time see the simplicity in how He does almost everything. What I now understand was never, not one time communicated, taught or intimated to me in the churches. (We don't know, what we don't know) I heard sermons that shared what the pastor was wanting to share that morning about a particular subject. What ever the subject did not matter. What mattered was how the Bible had an answer. This is not what or How the Bible teaches.

I understand now that the entire Bible is showing us how to participate in what God is doing...How he wants us to approach him and what, why and who Israel is to him. I see the Bible as though it was a coloring book gifted to Israel in order for the nations to know God's purpose, his plan. My journey is not emotional based these days but rather...I am sitting on the edge of my seat watching, participating, breathless almost, for how I am seeing the God of creation do what is being done. Trying to share this with 18 hundred years of 2% that cannot see 98% of an unlimited God via an unlimited WORD is like trying to tell Hitler.....The Jewish people are not your problem!...

Currently, I am watching God judge America. It is like watching an old pick up truck driving towards you on a dusty country road off in the distance...getting closer & closer, and closer!

And so it goes.

My answer to the question posed yesterday: Everything I do is to show to the Christian mind how deception is mixed into what we have been taught for centuries. I just don't do it in a Mary Poppins sort of manner. I try to tell it like it is. However, the emotional sermons have a way of instilling emotional reactions. I know that tune well....

I believe that God has a royal Kingdom in this earth whereby he will be seated via Messiah  on the throne of David and rule this earth with Justice, Righteousness and Holiness.......
 This for me anyway is how I see his plan which has never changed! We were given an opportunity to stand for his Principles and Kingdom rules, via a blood covenant, via the death of God in the earth, via the person of Yeshua. Like my Pastor asked of me, "If God is the Pacific ocean and I scoop up some of the water into a glass, what's in the glass?...His point, the ocean is one vessel the glass is another but, they contain the same thing.  

The United States of America, the Christian nation resembles more a stadium residence for Powers and Principalities....How does stuff like this happen when 78.6 percent of the American public believes in God? 
Look at what he told Israel, have you ever wondered why he did not tell the entire world this?

I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. 'You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.

Incidentally, Racism, Antisemitism and Hate towards anyone are sins against God!

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