Saturday, May 3, 2014

In the Beginning God Separated Conservatism from Liberalism

Since Ronald Regan who caused me to research actual history between the Democrat party and the Republican party I have voted conservative. I have done so from a common sense reality as opposed to a political ideology. The historical record of the Democrat party is full of the most divisive, intolerant, and willfully non-biblical practices. From insisting on slavery and whoring the Ku Klux Klan to voting against civil rights for Jews, Chinese, and of course the negro. Initially, I was just doing a cursory study of how the parties formed. Soon I was doing research. What I found and continue to bare witness of is that the liberal, progressive movement, from the lunacy of the Black Codes (1865) to the racist practices of Franklin D Roosevelt are literally systemic from the same being who approached Adam & Eve centuries ago.

Case in point: From 1792 to 2004 the Democrat Party had never elected a black man to the United States Senate.......

So, I lived in Portland, Oregon for most of the last 40 years. I relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1977. I fell in love with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and have stayed here as a direct result. I raised my children here avoiding ghetto life, gangs, and poverty. While serving in the United States Navy I begun to pay attention to politics. My eyes were opening to the division between the two parties. Living in Portland, Oregon after the service I begun to see the lunacy of liberal politics in play. It was during the 1980's that I began to repeat, "Hell would be frozen causing Satan to beg for a blanket before I vote for a Democrat!" I have held this attitude for as long.
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I remember when the mayor of Portland Oregon, Vera Katz flung open the doors for lesbian activist to begin pouring into Multnomah County specifically to establish a powerful voting lobby within this county. Soon Portland was full of Gay activist. I would attend various pro liberal gatherings just to see how the meetings were conducted. Being black was almost a gift to those who hated just about everything that did not agree with them. I was like the token black who was intelligent as opposed to running through the neighborhood being chased by cops. These people loved to patronize me and pat me on my head saying, thank you for coming! All the while I was trying to hide absolute repulsion! From killing babies to hating anything that did not agree with their ideology, I would sit through what I call gatherings from hell by those destined to occupy that kingdom, learning, watching, listening, educating myself. Folks, I saw and heard the sickest most hate filled men and women of my life time attending these meetings, these political rallies and pro lunacy functions!

I once attended a "Hate Israel" rally. They were excited to have a "Negro" in the room who was going to represent well the stupidity and ignorance that seems to nourish these folks. I took the mic asking:
  • Can anyone in this room name the ancient kings and queens of ancient Palestine?
  • Can anyone in this room note any Academic, Archeological, or Scientific achievement of the Nation of Palestine?
  • Can anyone in this room site for me any Historical, Military Conquests of the Palestinian people?
  • Can anyone in this room clearly show to me who the Palestinian people are descendants of?
I placed the microphone back in its holder and walked away...The audience was stunned, oddly, no one booed? What was most ironic to me is that many of the young speakers were Jewish, go figure?

Again, I live with common sense based on the laws of a Holy Creator, The God of the Bible! He has a standard about how we are to live within his creation. Over the years, my analysis of liberalism has convinced me that lunacy and liberalism are simply spelled differently, that's it, that's all.

The following video featuring Portland's very popular Willamette Weekly  newspaper (hate paper) shows how the reprehensible treatment of two people who oppose their beliefs is making the rounds. This is what I know all to well about those who preach tolerance and multiculturalism. The Video clearly represents the hate within the liberal mind. This is to me, a microcosm of NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and all the rest of the liberal media machine within America! This is the Portland, (Multnomah County) that I fled!
Concerning racist practices of the Democrat party which span 200 years or more read Wayne Perryman's book.
Note: The Republican party today, as far as I am concerned is embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!

UnFounded Loyalty "An in depth look into the BLIND love Affair between Blacks and the Democrats

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