Friday, May 30, 2014

I stopped being Messy-Antic, Tossed out fighting with Christians

My Pastor, Mark Biltz asked me the following question about 5 months ago: Jeff, how many sheep attack the wolf? This question changed the core of my spirit....more concerning this a little bit later.

I asked a very strong Christian man, senior to me, "Name the greatest event in Christian history?" His answer was, The resurrection of Jesus." I said to him, "That event actually happened in Jewish history!" His reaction to my statement was, "Oh my gosh, I have never even considered that before but, you're right!"

Returning to a proper understanding of God's word is really what this generation is being asked to do. Fighting among one another during this process guarantees that those wanting to stop Israel, stop Biblical truth, change the core of America, stop the restoration of all things have nothing pushing back. The House of God is too busy beating the HELL out of one another to notice that powers and principalities are becoming unchecked.

I was asked to make a brief appearance on the Political Bistro, a new radio show on Freedom 1590 which airs on Saturday nights @6:00 PM. During my phone interview the host, Mark Griswold referred to me as a minority....a shrill went through me as I considered the term. I don't feel like a minority. I feel like a child of God...My God is not in the minority! No offense to Mark Griswold but I have never been a minority.

I am a human being, part of one race, purposed by God. This is Biblical truth, not fiction, hyperbole, or debatable. I am a conservative because I believe in common sense. Liberalism is that which insists on making no sense whatsoever, in my opinion. Powers and Principalities also make no sense whatsoever. After all, how does anything beat GOD? To think this a possibility makes no sense at all...

So, I am a sheep that is going to stand in the gap against the wolf. I am going to go live on AM Radio and fight back! Not those of us who are trying to follow the Words of God but those who wish to crush the Words of God.  I am choosing to be a warrior like King David, Gideon, Joshua. I am going to bring a Biblical conversation to a conservative talk radio show and I am going to force a political discussion into the hearts of those standing for Freedom, God and country. Hopefully, cause a few more sheep to stand in the gap to "FIGHT BACK, VOTE BACK"...God into our society!

Listen Live on the Internet click here
Uncoloring Race debuts June 1st at 12:00 to 1:00 PM
Where is Jonah when you need him?

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