Thursday, May 22, 2014

I am a child of YAHWEH (Not a person of color)

I was raised up in the ghetto but, the ghetto was not raised up in me!
God's Kingdom is coming to this earth. The lunacy that we are seeing is exactly what his WORD tells us would be the condition of the earth as a result of the godless ruling humanity. Come, LORD, Come!

Those of us who get this must Stand!

To the believer who does not understand the Laws of YAHWEH because of the destruction(s) of lost men...I have a must read book for you?..."The Evidence" CLICK HERE, watch the 5 minute video, order the books and join me on the Blog Talk June 8th and possibly on Freedom 1590 (When I can schedule it) to chat with Eric Schwelling.

Remember, satan won't be standing next to you on judgment day. It will be just you and evil inclination

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