Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We broadcast our first show, Sunday, June 1st from Noon to 1:00 Pacific

Un-Coloring Race show description:

Un-Coloring Race is a show that encourages the faith based community to stand for Biblical principles. We are in a political, spiritual, and relentless struggle to represent God. The show is speaking to those who are "fighting the good fight." Un-Coloring Race is a show about people who continue to learn, to grow, and who make a difference.

I will run two 30 second advertisements per show ..The station has ten minutes of ad time which includes news, weather etc.....
The show allows me 50 minutes of broadcast time (less the two 30 second ad spots.)

The show is needing sponsors who will commit to sponsoring an episode. If your business or congregation is willing to do so please contact me. All sponsor will be announced during to broadcast.

The broadcast is going to discuss everything that this blog discusses. I look at the Bible, Politics and just about everything from an Hebraic lens. I continue to learn, to grow, and to stand for what I see happening all around us  "Thy Kingdom Come is coming!" And I am not going to go hide in a cave, behind a rock or in the woods. I am called to serve others and that is what I am doing. My show is a call to the "Kid's of the Kingdom" to Stand! Stand against Racism, Political Apathy & Biblical Apostasy!....
Please, I need like minded people and financial support to partner with my new company, AJKM Productions.......Nuff Said!

[Please make all financial transactions payable to AJKM Productions]
Contributions for the Talk Show on Freedom 1590 must go through this account. A new Paypal link is at the top of the page (left hand column) if you wish to support our show. Thank you!

Jeff Morton

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