Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to not turn off the listening audience, step 1

Don't say anything that offends anyone, ever!
#2 Don't say anything that makes a generalization.
#3 Don't criticize anyone for any reason.
#4 Make nice, complimentary, comments.
#5 Be patient, kind, long suffering, love conquers all.
#6 Don't disparage anyone accept the Jews.
#7 Be an African American at all times.
#8 Political Correctness is motto number one.
#9 Don't be homophobic
# 10 Agree with every point of view.
# 11 Never forget,"Same Sex" unions are just as normal as is air, water, and sunshine.
# 12 Worship civil rights, pimps.
# 13 Abortion is legal, support it.
# 14 Never speak against Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Satanism, and Atheists.
# 15 Love the National Education Association
# 16 Don't ever talk to a Christian about Torah, God's law and the actual Biblical narrative, especially Seminary trained folks
# 17 Never sound like an angry, black, man?
# 18 Stay colored, within your multicultural identity (?)  Do a little dance.
# 20 Distance yourself from the God of the Bible and hate Israel.
# 21 Vote like everyone else expects you to vote.
# 22 Support political candidates who have no morals, zero character no matter what.
# 23 Break every commandment to show that you are not faith based.
# 24 Don't piss off anyone because of your conviction and personal constitution.
# 25 Live without consequence, accountability, and personal responsibility.
(These are the things I have to do in order to encourage common sense in this, possibly the last generation?...ah, excuse me?) I wonder how the Messiah will handle the discussion?

Stay tuned for Un-Coloring Race on Freedom AM 1590 Seattle, WA

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