Monday, May 12, 2014

"HAT'S OFF" to Jim Staley, "A debate every Christian should watch"

YOU really have to know your Bible in order to follow this debate! I congratulate both men for what is accomplished here!
I hate the division that the enemy of God fosters, I really, really do but.......We don't know what we don't know

For the record, I agree with the scriptures and Jim Staley

(Good job Joe!)


Alan said...

Yes, I have listened to it twice, it solved my dilemma about the sabbath. It's not actually possible to keep the Sabbath as commanded, it's so much more than taking one day off to rest, there are little details like not lighting a fire and observing it from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. What happens if you live in Alaska which has 30days of night?

Julian Jackson said...

You still can keep it even in alaska and i am sure there are Jews there who do. Just because you have 30 days of night doesn't mean you cant count days and you do still know when friday and saturday is. My encouragement is to make the effort and watch Hashem Bless you.