Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Christianity, Catholicism, Man, Made, Abominations?

Addendum: Please people spare me the yucky emails...I wrote this article for one reason only. If we are Christian how is 78.4 percent (Click) of the American public allowing this to mean absolutely, nothing?

When I wrote [back in August 2012], "Nebuchadnezzar's Statue and Accompanying Religions" the article was inspired by a dream that I had which I turned into a video presentation called, David and Goliath. The dream occurred in late 2011. The word, DREAM is the closest comparison to what ever I experienced one particular night while sleeping. Prior to all of what I will attempt to encapsulate here, my world forever changed since the voice of YHVH spoke to me in 2007. I have come to realize that I cannot share conclusively with anyone just how profound all of this has been. I have for as long tried to share these experiences with whoever is willing to listen. This blog is an extension of that effort.

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I dreamed a dream whereby I saw an arch rising up above a dirt road which appeared to be in Africa. The arch blew up but a man was walking under it unscathed. To my astonishment, the next day I saw the arch in a BBC article concerning ancient Benin, Africa! I have come to understand somehow that YHVH was going to destroy the bondage of Africa. Much has transpired since 2007. I sought out people who were teaching what was downloaded into my whole being back in 2007. The day that I met Mark Biltz I had a download or experienced a biblical revelation that has been the single most miraculous thing next to the voice I heard in a Vancouver, Washington church that asked me to"Learn why I was Jewish"

I met Rico Cortes, Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, so many, many people all over the world who are, 'Coming out of her."  I appeared twice on God's Learning Channel. I sought out people who could help me to understand what was happening to Jeff Morton's world. I learned Messianic teaching, Hebrew Roots teaching. I somehow instantly knew why Judaism cannot conform to the churches as a direct result of comprehending the "Biblical Narrative" differently which is diametrically opposed to Western Theological teachings based on Christianity and New Testament doctrines. I could no longer see Jesus as non Jewish nor could I see the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the manner from which I had been taught to know Christ. So much has changed in how I understand Israel. I no longer see the world from the lens of how we have lived via Western Society..

I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2011 whereby I was told that I might lose my voice, my ability to raise my right arm, possibly my life if I elected not to have surgery. I have always thought of this as an attempt to shut me up?

The incessant, never ending challenge to Christian teaching is like having a constant anxiety attack in my chest. So much of what we have embraced is being challenged not by the devil or evil people but by YHVH himself. Trying to share this in a Christian based society that I believe is part of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar is akin to suicide really but, the compelling drive of my spirit is to warn an entire religious system that it is living darkly, wrong, deceived and soon to be destroyed!

I know that YHVH is the reason Christmas, Easter, Halloween and many of the pagan holidays set up in a Christian nation are under attack. The Sabbath, Pesach, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot are YHVH's commanded Holy days. Not understanding them because of Western Holidays is an abomination to what God commanded. He did so for our benefit not as a sort of dictatorial rule but an act of great benevolence, great compassion! These days are dress rehearsals for a magnificent event. God is attacking the traditions of the nations because his kingdom is soon to be announced in the earth. Sharing this with many, many Christians is a guaranteed argument. It matters not what the Bible clearly says. What matters is how the Bible has been interpreted to satisfy the nations that hate TORAH and Israel. When I am speaking with Christians and I purposely use the word Torah, Jews, Israel...I can almost anticipate watching the body language project discomfort, tenseness. What is most ironic to me is how quick many Christians will refer to the scriptures that are written as a direct result of TORAH, the Jews, and Israel. I myself could not see this prior to the year 2007.

Lately, YHVH is showing to me that being a Christian nation is an abomination to him. The stench rising up before his throne is almost suffocating. Evolution, Abortion, Lawlessness, Sexual Immorality unparalleled in human history in large part due to technology is driving western economies. Think about this folks, really, really think hard about what Christianity fostered in America. Blaming satan does not relieve us of accountability to keeping God's ways. To whom much is given much is required....

I see a mass exodus of people leaving America. I see great destruction ahead of us.......and I know why. God is going to crush the statute of Nebuchadnezzar. It cannot occupy any area on earth when, Thy Kingdom truly, truly comes......If God has changed your life and he has done so globally, and for centuries is it not time to re-examine his ways......

His laws never changed! What we have done to his ways as a result of religion is going to be judged. America is going to pay a heavy, heavy price for the abomination that Christianity has allowed to rise up in one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. Why we don't take responsibility for keeping God's ways should tell many of us that we are living inside of a statue that is truly a false security. Our comfort as Americans is our deception!

While watching the following...I understand even more so why YHVH is calling so many of us out of religion. Note: The presentation is not about Barack Obama......
The most amazing thing to me is how fellow believers cling to a religious system that God is judging!This is not about Democrat, Republican, Black, White, or Conservative, and Liberal. It is about Lawlessness against the covenants of God.

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